Connect your grant funding to outcomes without juggling multiple tools

The centralised solution for overseeing your incoming and outgoing funding.

The grant management system trusted by Australian government and purpose-led organisations

One source of truth for the entire grant lifecycle

Free your team from juggling multiple spreadsheets and get live data from your entire grant funding lifecycle.

Ready-made grant management software

Don’t force your ERP or CRM to do things they’re not designed for. Leverage a ready-made system built just for grants.

Connect your funding in and funding out​

Easily prove the impact of grant funding you received, by connecting it with real projects — as they are delivered.

For grantmakers

Powerful features for grantmakers and funding bodies who run grant programs or community grants.

For grant recipients

Helping grant recipients track their grant funding, report on impact, and monitor project risk.

What our clients said

Accredited government supplier

SurePact is an accredited Australian government agency supplier in New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

Cloud-based for maximum flexibility

SurePact is accessible wherever there’s an internet connection. We’re always improving things, and any updates for modules in your subscription will be included at no extra cost.

Integrated with your accounting software

Whether you use TechnologyOne, Open Office, Synergy Soft or Civica Authority — our open API can help your organisation connect the dots between your funding and other tools.

We’re here to support you all the way

Our Australian-based team will provide top-class onboarding and training to help get yours set up for success. Once you’re on board, customer support is a few clicks away in our dedicated portal.

Ditch the spreadsheets and start centralising your organisation's grant management.

Dedicated onboarding support

Securely built on Microsoft Azure

SSO Available

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