SurePact helps you know

SurePact helps you know it all.

Know what's good for you.

SurePact is software that helps organisations know every significant detail about their projects and grants as they’re executed.

With guided workflows, real-time reporting and a unique risk management framework, SurePact gives you complete confidence in your ability to deliver.

Know the score

Get instant oversight of projects and grants at a glance with data-rich dashboards, real-time records and comprehensive, standardised reports. 

Know the risks

SurePact’s unique risk management framework guides you through the process of assessing risks and putting effective controls in place. 

Know the ropes

SurePact guides your team through streamlined, step-by-step workflows and processes, so knowledge doesn’t leave when people do. 

Know your worth

Ensure every dollar your organisation receives goes exactly where it should and show funding bodies how you make every dollar count with reporting at a moment’s notice.

Know you're in safe hands

Trusted by Councils, corporates and not-for-profits, SurePact offers on-site onboarding and ongoing support. 

SurePact provides full project management and grant management oversight and serves as the single source of truth, so you can do away with confusing spreadsheets and lengthy email chains and put all your stakeholders on the same page. 

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