Get the full picture on every

Get the full picture on every

Don’t discover a problem too late.

SurePact is an award-winning SaaS solution that provides a unique 360 degree suite of risk identification and management modules for the delivery of portfolios, projects, contracts and grants from concept through to asset realisation.


Local, state or national - SurePact gives your department's team the power to see every risk in a project before it happens. Manage all your contractors, see costs in real time, deliver everything on time and on budget while ensuring the probity of tax payers dollars.
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Construction & Housing
Every dollar and every day counts. No matter the size of your delivery, get the full project picture across internal and external delivery components with any number of participants - with SurePact.
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Water, Road & Rail Infrastructure
You build infrastructure that transforms communities and how they connect. Let SurePact transform the way your teams deliver game-changing projects.
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Tech, Health & Education
You deliver life-changing projects. Let us help you transform the way you get there. SurePact's fully integrated suite of modules allows control processes across all projects, contracts and grants giving multiple areas full visibility and collaboration of all stakeholders.
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Mining & Resources
Big business, big project delivery, big teams across diverse and geographical locations. SurePact can handle the heavy load of connecting mobile workforces with supervisors to be more effective and empowering all levels with the right data immediately.
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You have little time and even less money to deliver community projects and events. SurePact helps your team and organisation to move from manual spreadsheets, manage all your grant applications in one place and give you 360 degree probity control of tax payer and community dollars for the delivery of your programs creating efficiencies in reporting and time. Photo credit: CIAF 2019, Blueclick Photography
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SurePact’s intuitive software can be accessed anytime, anywhere, with powerful reporting tools and real-time analytics to drive decision making at all levels.

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