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SurePact is an innovative risk management software that allows project and contract managers to identify, mitigate and manage risks of deliveries from before early innovation, to the tender stage right through to closeout.

With its intelligent workflow and built-in analytics, SurePact provides ongoing contractual insights and best-of-breed risk identification for your project and contract delivery. Our contract risk management software with project management oversight enables our clients to identify and mitigate risk, increase compliance, improve governance, and enhance user productivity, thereby maximizing ROI and accelerating time to value across your organisation.

SurePact is now used and trusted by both government and corporate organisations for mitigating contract and project risks on a day-to-day basis.

SurePact clients report: 

  • Bottom line improvement by up to 34%
  • 100% Document Compliance
  • 100% Closeout Reporting Compliance
  • 30% Time efficiency savings
  • 15% Variation reduction
  • Stronger transparency & auditability
  • Addressing bottlenecks in approval processes
  • Tracking underperforming suppliers

Find out more about the SurePact software here.

“This Risk Management Software works seamlessly. The interface is neat, navigation is easy and intuitive. At a glance I can see the risk profile and workflow of the projects, a great time saver feature. However, what impressed me most was the professionalism of the team at SurePact.”

Marina Schaefer – Former Finance Manager, Aurukun Shire Council

Our team

Megan Avard - Risk Management Software - Surepact

Megan Avard


Megan is obsessed with all things family, the outdoors, horses and SurePact. Finding a solution for the problem she was experiencing has been her passion and here we all are today. Her team love it when she does sleep because then she is not designing and creating new ideas and more work!

Brett Hirst - Risk Management Software - Surepact



Brett is passionate about technology, creating and succeeding to achieve first class platform capability. In his spare time he enjoys Oztag and fast cars as well as the Queensland outdoors by the pool and BBQ’s.

Declan - Risk Management Software - Surepact



Declan joined the team after completing his studies in Criminology and Justice Studies. Like all young people, being around and working with technology is not really a job, it’s a pastime they are good at and Declan enjoys finding new ways of making the software smarter. When away from the screen, you can usually find Declan relaxing with friends.

risk management software Australia - surepact



DJ is the mastermind of security and all things integration. He is a strategic thinker with the big picture in mind. When not working 36 hours a day, he enjoys the culinary delights of his cultural heritage and an extra-large hot chocolate, anytime of the year.

Welcome Michael - Senior Developer



Michael is passionate about software development and has relished exploring various technologies since he was young. He has extensive experience in the field of IT at the national and international level. Developing programs, apps, websites and well,  really anything in the IT world makes him happy. Travelling is his great joy and Michael loves sharing his travel experience with others on his blog. After a hectic day developing, his way of winding down is going for a jog every evening.

risk management software Australia - surepact



Suganya has a magic bag of tricks and skills from software development, testing to being a whiz at .NET technologies.  After completing her initial study, Suganya continues to commit time to her professional development, a win for SurePact.

But, it’s not all work and no play.  Suganya is a master in the kitchen creating new dishes for family and friends as well as enjoying gardening, painting and the good old ‘popcorn, movies and family’ cinema time!

Julie - risk management software Australia - surepact



Julie’s previous career has been in finance, marketing, customer service & sales. Julie loves to create exciting, integrated marketing strategies and performing everything from analysis, SEO, website management and social media to copywriting.
Away from the fun of SurePact, Julie plays the piano, loves cooking (and eating) amateur theatre, reading and spending time with her family.



Aimee is advancing her qualifications being involved in a research project for her PhD. Her work history is a fascinating mix of marketing and communications in private and public industry sectors.

When not studying or working, Aimee enjoys throwing pots at with her husband (in their home pottery studio!) and sailing.

Our advisory board

Risk Management Software - Surepact

Tania Walter


20 years in Tech. 10+ software development experience. Founded and exited a boutique Software Project and Program Management consultancy. Founded Obzervr in 2015. Investor, Company Director, Mum, Global entrepreneur.

Risk Management SOftware

Colin Kinner


Startup ecosystem specialist, startup coach and trainer, company director and investor with over twenty years’ experience working with high-growth technology-based companies.

Helen Coyer Advisory Board

Helen Coyer


25 years business experience working as non-executive director and senior executive in government, for profit and not for profit sectors. Specific industry experience in Federal and State government, Education, Banking and Finance and Disability.

“SurePact – Risk Management Software is part of Council’s line of defence for the tracking of projects and contracts.”

Gus Yates – Director Technical Services, Aurukun Shire Council

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