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SurePact is an award-winning SaaS solution that provides a unique 360 degree suite of risk identification and management modules for the delivery of projects, contracts and grants.

Every project comes with potential risks, both internal and environmental – and when you have to rely on external vendors, those risks multiply exponentially. If those risks are not identified and managed early, they can lead to blowouts in cost, time and scope.

A global partner of Microsoft, SurePact provides an innovative SaaS solution that allows project, contract and grant managers to identify and mitigate risks, increase compliance, improve governance and enhance productivity, from the initial concept and business case, to the tender stage, and right through to close-out and the defects liability period of your deliveries.

With intelligent and customisable workflows and a focus on transparency, governance, variance and accountability, SurePact’s intuitive solutions and built-in reporting tools – which can be accessed anytime, anywhere – equip clients with the ability to reduce cost blowouts and bring in projects on time and on budget.

All SurePact modules are fully integrated with each other, so you can realise the maximum value of the SurePact solution by managing all your contracts, grants and associated projects, assets and opportunities in one place. SurePact also integrates seamlessly with your existing enterprise software.

SurePact is used and trusted by both government and corporate organisations of all sizes for mitigating contract and project risks, with bottom line savings of up to 45 per cent.

Don’t discover a problem too late – know about potential risks before they happen, and have a plan in place.

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