Monitor, maintain, measure and manage the performance of your assets.

View all asset information across your organisation
Full transparency and visibility
Fully integrated with the SurePact suite

SurePact’s Asset Management software makes it simple to manage and optimise the performance of your assets at every stage of their lifecycle, with easy access to all asset information across your organisation.

Users can review and update asset information anytime, anywhere, so everyone you choose to make your Asset Management Register visible to is working with the most up-to-date information.

This functionality is fully integrated with SurePact’s Project Management, Contract Delivery and Grant Management modules, with assets from all closed-out contracts and grants automatically transferred into the Asset Management Register.

Client Testimonial

“SurePact’s Software facilitates communication and ensures that everyone is working off the same issues and solutions, in real-time, both back in the office and in the field, saving time and shortening turnaround of issue resolution”.

Michael Geoghegan
Director – Northern civil solutions