Carpentaria Shire Council enhances its management and delivery of projects with SurePact

Boulia Shire Council with Megan and Kristen

Boulia Shire Council embraces usage of SurePact to enhance project and grant management processes

Napranum Aboriginal Shire Sign

Napranum Aboriginal Shire Council utilises SurePact for project and grant management 

Worker doing construction on FWIN

CurryPM is working with SurePact to improve deliveries for the Flood Warning Infrastructure Network Project

Burke Shire Council utilises SurePact’s Project Management Framework to mitigate risk in project delivery

Models adorned with Pormpuraaw Art & Culture Centre wearable ghostnet designs, Photo by Cristina Bevilacqua, Courtesy Cairns Indigenous Art Fair.

Cairns Indigenous Arts Fair uses SurePact to enhance transparency and collaboration

Cherbourg ASC

Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council is driving its digital transformation with SurePact

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