Boulia Shire Council embraces usage of SurePact to enhance project and grant management processes


SurePact’s Project and Grant Management modules work hand-in-hand to provide well-rounded portfolio deliveries to Councils. 

With these capabilities as a priority for Boulia Shire Council, the Council made the decision earlier this year to use SurePact to provide a best practice approach to its portfolio, project and grant management processes, and ultimately provide better outcomes for the community. 

“I was particularly interested in how SurePact could assist us with project management, which is something we have had challenges with previously,” says Boulia Shire Council’s Director of Corporate Services, Kaylene Sloman. “We can now see clearly that our shelf-ready projects can be pre-set up within SurePact in readiness for funding.”

Boulia Shire Council staff with Megan and Kristen

“This will provide us with a single source of truth for all project and funding information, allowing all departments and stakeholders to have access to the same story and be working off up-to-date and accurate facts.

“The ability to have funding bodies also granted access within SurePact to monitor progress directly saves both them and us time and resources.”

The team at Boulia Shire Council recently undertook on-site training with SurePact Founder and CEO, Megan Avard, and Head of Customer Success, Kristen Stephens, to advance their progress.

“Our hands-on training with the SurePact team to date has been both informative and exciting,” Kaylene says. “We are discovering all of the many things SurePact’s Portfolio Solution can do and how it can be utilised within the Council.”

“So far we have found the Platform easy to use and very intuitive. With the assistance of Megan and Kristen, we have been able to follow a straightforward process and once set up, we will be implementing it across all of the Council’s current projects for this financial year.”

The live analytics and real-time reporting capabilities within SurePact are also of great interest to Boulia Shire Council. 

“The analytics and reporting features of SurePact will allow us to enhance transparency, communication, time savings and project and document management,” Kaylene says.

“We will be looking to use SurePact to showcase our portfolio of works to both internal and external auditors with ease.”

Kaylene identifies works on Donohue Highway as one upcoming project that will be managed within SurePact. 

“The funding is released for this project in stages and affects a lot of our road assets,” she says. “SurePact will allow us to pre-identify the assets that will be affected and plan accordingly.”

The early feedback from Boulia Shire Council has been overwhelmingly positive, with many Council members enthusiastic about learning to use the system at its highest capacity, and already looking forward to SurePact’s regular release cycles of new features.

“With the discussions we have had with the SurePact team, we know it will give us more functionality in the system,” Kaylene says, “supporting our delivery needs.”


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