Boulia Shire Council Brings on SurePact to Enhance Grant Management Processes


About Boulia Shire Council

Located in Central West Queensland, the Shire of Boulia is a local government area filled with rich history and natural wonders. Sitting on the border of the Northern Territory, Boulia Shire is famous for the mysterious Min Min Light, an unexplained outback phenomenon. 

Beneath its surface lies a treasure trove of natural resources, including gas, oil, and diamonds. Its history dates back 100 million years to an inland sea, evolving into a meeting ground for Indigenous tribes; explorers like Burke and Wills; and Afghan camel traders.

The town of Boulia, on the Burke River, is the shire’s administrative heart. From its beginnings in the late 1800s, it has grown into a bustling outback town, blending heritage with modern amenities. Visitors are enchanted by its treeless plains, winding channels, and starry night skies, making Boulia Shire a true outback treasure.

The problem

Boulia Shire Council is located in a remote region, making it a challenge to manage its infrastructure and services. Although it is committed to delivering quality outcomes for its community, the council has experienced difficulties with efficient project and grant management, particularly in maintaining a consistent and transparent process.

The council needed a solution that would provide a single source of truth for all project and funding information, ensuring that all departments and stakeholders had access to up-to-date and accurate data.

The solution

To address these challenges, Boulia Shire Council decided to integrate SurePact’s project and grant management modules into its operations. It’s a comprehensive solution for councils, and one that helped the council streamline its portfolio, project and grant management process. 

“I was particularly interested in how SurePact could assist us with project management, as it’s something we’ve had challenges with previously,” said Kaylene Sloman, Boulia Shire Council’s Director of Corporate Services.

SurePact’s ability to have funding bodies access the same platform was also of great interest, providing the team with a single source of truth for all project and funding information, saving both time and resources.

“It allowed all departments and stakeholders to have access to the same story and be working off up-to-date and accurate facts,” adds Kaylene.

To bring the council up to speed, SurePact’s Customer Success team visited Boulia to run the team through an in-person training session, which was well received by all council team members. 

“It’s been both informative and exciting. So far we have found the platform to be easy to use and highly intuitive. We’re discovering all of the many things SurePact’s portfolio solution can do and how it can be utilised within the council.” 

The results

With SurePact, Boulia Shire Council has been able to advance its project management capabilities, with Kaylene noting they can now clearly see that their shelf-ready projects can be pre-set up in readiness for funding.

The platform’s live analytics and real-time reporting features have improved transparency, communication and project and document management. 

“The analytics and reporting features of SurePact allow us to showcase our portfolio of works to both internal and external auditors with ease,” said Kaylene. “We will be implementing it across all of our current projects for this financial year.”

One notable project to be managed within the platform is the Donohue Highway works. With funding for this project released in stages, SurePact will allow the council to pre-identify the road assets that will be affected and plan accordingly.

The implementation of SurePact’s software has been overwhelmingly positive, with many members eager to learn and use the system to its full potential. They are also looking forward to SurePact’s regular release cycles of new features, which promise to provide even more ongoing support.

“With the discussions we have had with the SurePact team, we know it will give us more functionality in the system, supporting our delivery needs.”


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