CurryPM delivers the largest federally funded flood warning program in Australia with SurePact

CurryPM is utilising SurePact to deliver part of the largest infrastructure network in Australia, the Queensland Flood Warning Infrastructure Network Program, across 12 Councils.

The client

CurryPM is a project management firm delivering part of a network for the Bureau of Meteorology to develop a greater understanding of where rain is falling, how much rain is falling and the peaks and troughs in the flood window.

CurryPM Project Manager Frank Plozza with Boulia Director of Works and Operations Harin Karra
CurryPM Project Manager Frank Plozza with Boulia Director of Works and Operations Harin Karra

With the real-time data supplied by the Queensland Flood Warning Infrastructure Network Program, the Bureau can monitor weather conditions more closely. This enables the Bureau to provide communities with earlier and more accurate flood warnings, evacuate people in at-risk areas and alert graziers to get their cattle to higher ground. The data also helps the Bureau to study and further understand climate change.

The Queensland Flood Warning Infrastructure Network Program is divided into three locations of operation – AO1, AO2 and AO3. CurryPM is responsible for delivering AO1, which stretches across 12 Councils and covers 35 per cent of Queensland, from the South Australian border to the Gulf to the Northern Territory border and across the Great Dividing Range.

The problem

The sheer size and scale of this project brings with it a level of complexity that would challenge any organisation, with many moving parts and parties involved.

The potential risks and the amount of administrative work involved in delivering the network led CurryPM to seek out project management and compliance software to help them identify and mitigate internal, external and environmental risks, increase transparency and visibility, collaborate effectively and minimise the potential for cost, time and scope blowouts.

The solution

CurryPM has implemented the SurePact system – the award-winning software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that identifies and mitigates risks at each decision point of a project, all the way through to asset realisation – to assist with managing this important project.

CurryPM Weather Station

SurePact’s guided and automated workflows make project management simple, with robust audit and governance transparency. The real-time analytics dashboard – accessible anywhere, anytime, on any internet-connected device – provides up-to-the-minute business intelligence and highlights key performance metrics.

SurePact enables collaboration in a secure environment, with full visibility of all stages and outputs for those granted access to the system, while all data is backed up and secured with multi-factor authentication.

The results

CurryPM Project Manager Frank Plozza says the SurePact tool has been “highly effective”.

“Using SurePact means we get visibility and transparency of all our funding, and all those things that managers love to see, so they can monitor how the jobs are proceeding and how it is tracking against budget,” he says.

“SurePact is a repository, where whatever you put in there is locked in there and cannot be messed with. This transparency for us is so important and that is why it is so good for the Federal Government and state governments, because it just captures all aspects of the projects true and correct. This means everything is immediately available in real time for an auditor so that when you finish with it you can just hand it to them and they can see the full program.”

Plozza says SurePact has made it easy to track the progress of this complex project.

“There are so many devices being delivered across so many projects including cameras, river monitors, rain gauges and interactive signs for flood ways,” he says. “I am currently setting up all the contract delivery across 12 Councils and doing everything within SurePact so that we can get all the benefits of handling the process in the software and so that it can all be tracked there. The cloning function has made setting this up so much quicker – I can create a contract and then clone it for setting up other contracts in minutes.

“We are dealing with 12 Shires in AO1 and each of those Shires have packages of contracts. For instance, in Cloncurry there will be nine contract deliveries under that one Cloncurry Shire and they are all different sites. Each contract needs to be documented, everything has to be captured and every site is different. It could be a camera or it could be a multiple set up with cameras, river monitors and rain gauges.There are various things to track and capture, and SurePact can do that for us.

“When you put all the contracts in, every time you go through a delivery stage, you can track it and you can access real-time data and graphs.”

Plozza says the collaboration enabled by the SurePact system has been crucial.

“That is the beauty of SurePact,” he says. “The project manager can actually control the ins and outs, but we can have multiple users in there working in the background, uploading documents into the right areas, so we know exactly what is what.

“The permissions function is also incredibly beneficial – being able to give the right people access to the right parts of the contracts so everyone can see what is going on and who can do what.

“With SurePact, the business is not impacted by someone leaving and going off with a USB with everything on it. Once you put that information in there, someone else can be inducted to SurePact and they can pick it up and go again, wasting minimal time, effort and costs. You are not losing information, which is gold.”

Ultimately, Plozza sees utility for SurePact across a variety of applications.

“The SurePact solution is extremely useful, and they go really well with project management. It is not a pigeon-holed product – it is a software that can be used across many industries.”