Napranum Aboriginal Shire Council Chooses SurePact for Grant and Project Management 


The client

Napranum is a remote town that sits 10 kilometres from Weipa, on the West Coast of Queensland. As such, it is one of only a few places in the state that gets to see the sunset over the ocean.

The Shire is home to approximately 1,000 people, who are descended from as many as 40 different Indigenous groups from the Cape York Peninsula. With Alngith peoples (the Traditional Owner of the Napranum township) and a significant number of Napranum people coming originally from Coen, Mapoon, Aurukun and other communities, it is no surprise that Napranum means ‘meeting place’.

The Council employs about 80 staff and predominantly relies on grant funding to deliver its projects.

Napranum Aboriginal Shire Sign

The problem

Throughout its work the Council was using complex spreadsheets and lengthy email chains for its project and grant management.

“We did not have the systems and processes in place for the end result we were looking for,” says Janelle Menzies, CEO of Napranum Aboriginal Shire Council (ASC).“Things were easily missed and it was frustrating to not be able to manage our projects better.

“We had been looking around for a while and had not been able to find anything that adequately provided project management like SurePact does.”

The solution

With SurePact’s ability to enhance processes and project results for overall better community deliveries, Janelle Menzies, CEO of Napranum ASC, says “SurePact is the only product available on the market that meets all the Council’s needs.”

Having been exposed to the SurePact solution in her previous role as CEO of Yarrabah ASC, Menzies reached out to SurePact during her research for a suitable solution to the Council’s problems. 

The results 

Napranum was recently visited by SurePact staff to further utilise SurePact within the Council’s operations. 

While still in the introductory stages of integrating its business activities into SurePact, Menzies says the Council is looking forward to seeing all that the solution can offer them.

“It will provide a proper workflow and embedded processes, which we have not had before. We are eager to be able to report on projects, to know how they are tracking at any given time,” she says.

Napranum ASC Grant Manager, Lisa Hazell, says she is already becoming comfortable using the SurePact solution. 

“I am gaining confidence with the grants entry process,” she says, “and the user experience has been good alongside with the support provided to us by the SurePact team.

“I am really looking forward to the benefits of using SurePact’s Grant Management Solution and achieving end-to-end grant success.”

“I hope to save time and duplication,” Menzies adds. “We currently have a spreadsheet tracking procedure that everyone is wasting time on revamping once a month before it goes to the third-party funding body.

“We hope to see the benefits of streamlining and formalising our processes.”


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