Case Studies


ROI in under 3 months

Aurukun Shire Council is funded primarily through grants. Making the decision for digital transformation has formed the groundwork for the Council to achieve improved efficiencies. Their SurePact investment was realised in less than 3 months of deployment and they are reaping the rewards of stronger collaboration and improved data accessibility in real-time.

SurePact build relationships with their clients to continually meet the challenges and changes in their environment. The SurePact system is frequently being enhanced based on client requests.nt requests.

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New Frontier in Improving Contractor Transparency

A major shire on the Flinders Highway, the main North Western road from Townsville to Mt Isa, Cloncurry supports a thriving population of over 3000. Voted Queensland's Friendliest Town a second time in 2018, this area is a hub for tourists as well as cattle farmers and other agricultural and mining interest.

The remoteness and vast area increases the level of difficulty in managing projects and associated contractors and risks. Transparency and timely reporting became a key feature of the SurePact solution for Cloncurry Shire Council.

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Full Visibility of all Grants, Projects and Contracts

For many organisations, managing risk is a huge issue. Councils find it difficult to identify where their spend has gone and rely heavily on very manual processes to track their compounding risk. Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council, a regional Council, relies heavily on grants to fund development and have been at the forefront of technology by working with SurePact to increase visibility and transparency of operations.

The SurePact solution allows Council to have a 360-degree line of sight of all revenue received, delivery costs and management of risks in the delivery or Grants, Projects and Contracts.

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Risk Compliance

SurePact VR pilot reduces WH&S risk

Work Health and Safety is a 'whole of business' concern. Without adequate training, risks of injury, or worse, are very real issues. Being a remote Council demands either team members travel vast distances to training centres, or trainers do likewise to attend Burke Shire Council. The costs incurred both in time, travel and accommodation are significant.

SurePact have launched an innovative pilot, partnering with Next World Enterprises, to deliver WH&S training via Virtual Reality. This is proving to be a major game changer for Councils.

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