Grant management software
for grant recipients

Set up acquittal reports segmented by grant or project, assess risk before applying for grants your organisation can’t afford, and future-proof your funding operations.

No more messy spreadsheets and confusion​

Track and manage the grants you receive from applications to everyday project tasks in one place.

Keep your grant application promises

Our risk profiling tool assesses grant opportunities realistically – before the money hits the bank.

Never wake up dreading acquittal time again

Effortlessly create reports segmented by grant or project for instant, painless acquittals.

Pre-award features for recipients

Award features for recipients

Post-award features for recipients

*Direct applications are only available if the grantmaker also uses SurePact to host the funding opportunity

“What SurePact has permitted us to do is focus on that well-structured, end-to-end framework, with transparency and visibility that lets everyone be on the same page.”​

Mark Crawley
CEO, Carpentaria Shire Council

Do you provide grant or community funding too?

Connect your funding in and funding out — all in SurePact

Demonstrate the true impact of the grant funding you receive, by tracing it down to the projects funded by grants you disburse. Add on SurePact for Grantmakers to close the loop on your grant management lifecycle.

Instantly find the data you need with Ask SurePact

Ask SurePact is our unique AI-powered natural language search feature that fetches those last minute reports you need at lightning speed — all you have to do is ask.

Get your new grant management system up and running out-of-the-box.

Dedicated onboarding support

Securely built on Microsoft Azure

SSO Available

See what SurePact can do for you

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