Grant Management

Grant Management

The end-to-end Grant Management solution.

Streamline the application process
The entire grant lifecycle in one central hub
Full visibility and transparency
360 degree integration to project and contract delivery

SurePact’s Grant Management System (GMS), allows you to create a centralised hub of all your grants from application, eligibility and submission.   SurePact’s solution houses all information related to your organisations grants in one location with a robust audit trail throughout its entire lifecycle to support your portal submissions.

The unique 360 degree solution identifies and rates risks at every stage of the process, allowing grant recipients and funding bodies to work together in one platform to collaborate, communicate and manage all lifecycle stages of the grant with full accessibility and visibility.

SurePact’s Grant Management System saves time by integrating with SurePact’s project and contract delivery modules allowing your organisation to streamline and automate reporting processes and allowing for full accountability of taxpayers dollars.