SurePact extends beyond a standalone SaaS solution.

Use SurePact in conjunction with your existing systems
Ensure synchronised data across systems
Enable collective business intelligence

System integration adds value to organisations – but a poorly developed integration can add hidden costs and outweigh the benefits of implementing new software solutions.

SurePact’s extensible integration frameworks can help customers ensure they realise these benefits, with a fully serviceable Application Programming Interface (API) that supports all application features, and a federated Single Sign-On (SSO) that delivers a seamless experience for users based on their organisation’s sign-in process.

The SurePact framework supports connectors to other systems that supply any type of interface, from files to APIs. Data or API access can be enabled to support clients preferring to integrate SurePact data with in-house business intelligence software.

Talk to a SurePact team member to learn how SurePact can integrate with your systems today.

Client Testimonial

“Since the installation of the SurePact system, its variation register and approval workflow processes, we have cut our timeframes down – in some cases, from five weeks to one day!”

Anne Boundy
Technical Services Officer – Aurukun Shire Council