How SurePact assists the not-for-profit sector in securing and managing grants

The Australian not-for-profit sector is large and diverse. It is estimated that there are more than 600,000 not-for-profit organisations within Australia, all of which rely on grants for the majority of their funding.

Not-for-profits provide huge benefits to our communities, but in order for them to successfully run and provide these benefits, consistent funding needs to be obtained. 

With competitive application processes and limited resources to go around, applying for and securing grants can feel like a mammoth task, with a lot riding on its shoulders.  As such, it can be an ongoing challenge for many not-for-profit organisations. 

Lockhart River Art Centre displaying works at the CIAF Art Market. Lovegreen Photography, Colyn Huber, courtesy of Cairns Indigenous Art Fair.
Image credit: Lockhart River Art Centre displaying works at the CIAF Art Market. Lovegreen Photography, Colyn Huber, courtesy of Cairns Indigenous Art Fair.

SurePact works to assist not-for-profits in their grant application processes, creating valuable insights and knowledge that organisations can bank up year after year. 

“When applying for a grant, information is gathered from various different sources across an organisation,” SurePact Founder and CEO Megan Avard says. “SurePact’s Grant Management System streamlines the application process and allows organisations to create a centralised hub of all its grants from tracking the initial eligibility criteria, the application process and the final submission.

“The Grant Task in SurePact gives Grant Managers a 360-degree view of tasks, enabling them to oversee this process seamlessly .

“It is often the case that finance departments are not aware of grant applications until the money lands in the bank account, which is a nightmare for budgeting and forecasting. SurePact tracks the progress of a grant from application all the way through to asset realisation, thereby eliminating the surprise factor.”

In many cases, not-for-profits have dozens of grant applications on the go at once, making it hard to track and monitor the stage of the application as it progresses. 

“With a customisable dashboard, Grant Managers can see the status of grant applications, the revenue brought in by the grant and the opportunities that don’t quite get over the line,” Megan says.

“SurePact shows exactly which stage a grant application is at at any given point in time, thereby enabling Grant Managers to manage their team’s workload and meet application deadlines.

“Housing all of the information related to an organisation’s grant in one location provides a robust audit trail throughout the grant lifecycle to support portal submissions.”

It is important that this substantial commitment of taxpayers dollars is monitored correctly for full accountability and transparency. 

“The SurePact solution allows recipients to manage grants with full accessibility and visibility,” Megan says. 

“Seamlessly integrates with SurePact’s Project and Contract Delivery modules, time will be saved and processes will be streamlined. With automated reporting processes, not-for-profits can have full accountability of taxpayers dollars.”

SurePact’s Grant Management Module in action

Earlier this year, SurePact launched into the not-for-profit sector with Cairns Indigenous Art Fair (CIAF).

CIAF is Australia’s premier Indigenous art fair, showcasing the best of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander art and cultures. CIAF is committed to strengthening and celebrating Indigenous cultures and society, creating professional development opportunities for artists and facilitating cultural exchange between artists and visitors. 

Like so many non-for-profits, CIAF relies on grants for its funding.

“As an organisation, we rely on grants to facilitate everything we do,” CIAF Lead Project Officer Megsi O’Toole says. “Inputting those grants into SurePact, giving an overview of the organisation in one place, and a high-level understanding of which milestones need to be hit and when, has been very beneficial.” 

SurePact has allowed CIAF to unlock more potential, enabling true collaboration and transparency. In particular, CIAF uses SurePact’s Grant Management Module to manage all lifecycle stages of grant delivery, centrally housing all contracts, documents and information related to a grant in one location with a robust audit trail. 

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