Microsoft showcases Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council’s success with SurePact

SurePact’s partnership with Microsoft has yet again been strengthened, with the platform now available globally on Microsoft AppSource. 

In celebration of this milestone, Microsoft has produced a showcase of Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council’s (ASC) success with SurePact for its global audience, outlining the organisational benefits of the SurePact platform.

The Microsoft case study highlights how Cherbourg ASC prioritises digital transformation within its business. As a council that is largely reliant on grants from both Commonwealth and State Government bodies for its funding, embracing technology is a strategic way to get the most value for the community. 

Cherbourg clock tower

The Council is driving this approach through the integration of SurePact into its business activities, using SurePact to assist in overseeing a variety of community projects.

Cherbourg ASC Economic and Community Development Manager Sean Nicolson has identified three key points of difference within the SurePact solution: risk management visibility, accessibility and customer service. 

“SurePact offers sequential risk management and provides visibility into the progress of each project,” he told Microsoft. “The solution has three or four gateways of risk management, which is quite a high standard. It makes you keep going back to the risks of the projects or contracts, which we find to be very beneficial.”

“We also appreciate the level of data we can store within SurePact – having all of our documentation for each project in one place and being able to view that across every area of our business at any time. When we raise a project, SurePact has all of our account codes, subcodes, asset codes, the stages of the project, prepayments and so on.

“The team at SurePact are very willing to listen to what our problems are and create solutions that work for our company in a fast manner.”

Nicholson also highlighted that SurePact has helped the Council to go paperless, facilitate internal and external communication, provide auditable time sequences and manage variations.

“We are a small organisation in the Local Government and can run as many as 40 individual projects at a time. With only one team member in project management, that is a lot of work. SurePact made it possible to take some of the workload off our Project Manager,” he said.

“Our projects include a variety of community works from building a house, to building a road, to building a skatepark and many more. Most of our money is sourced through grant funding, and SurePact’s Grant Management module allows us to link the grant funding through to the projects and the subcontractors, then to closeout. This all has to go through Council approval and SurePact’s solution allows for this as well, with the Council able to take a look at what stage each project is in at any time.

“Because we are dealing with various levels of State and Local Government, variation approval can be quite a lengthy affair. SurePact saves us this time. If we have any variation on site, we can take a picture with our mobile phone, write a quick email, put it into SurePact, then the authority is emailed and can give us an answer within 15 minutes.”

As they continue to use the software, Nicholson told Microsoft that Cherbourg ASC finds the SurePact team to be very responsive to their suggestions.

“We spent time researching other platforms before deciding to go with SurePact. We went ahead with SurePact because of the customer relations it offers,” Sean said.

“The SurePact team comes to our site and spends time with our staff to show us how the program works. Initially Megan was side by side with us every week, then we dropped it to two weeks, and now our meetings are once per month. We feel that our familiarity with SurePact is very high because of the excellent customer service and support along the way. 

“This is not a program that is essential for us to use; we choose to use it as we see the massive benefit of the communication and visibility level it brings management and subcontractors. As the business grows, we expect communication to be an issue and we hope SurePact will help us to break this down.”

Moving forward, Nicholson told Microsoft that it is a priority to get as many people and departments working with the SurePact platform as soon as possible. “Our goal is to get all of our staff members and subcontractors trained on how to use the program,” he said.

You can read the full Microsoft story here.