SurePact celebrates the re-signing of valued Council clients: Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council, Aurukun Shire Council and Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council

SurePact is pleased to re-sign and continue to work alongside valued Council clients for another three years.

Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council (ASC), Aurukun Shire Council and Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council (ASC) have all recognised the impact that SurePact has had on their business operations, and we are thrilled to be continuing on this journey with them.

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For Cherbourg ASC Economic and Community Development Manager Sean Nicholson, re-signing with SurePact is all about compliance.

“In business today we need to embrace technology that supports efficiency and compliance and helps employees learn on the job,” Sean says. “SurePact brings a standardisation across the business and with contractors, and helps us manage risks and ensure compliance.”

For Anne Boundy, Aurukun Shire Council Technical Services Officer, SurePact is about accountability. 

“SurePact allows us to have proven accountability of contracts and projects being tracked accurately through the lifespan of the works,” Anne says. “All members involved with the movement of timeline targets are able to have access to the required information.” 

For Leon Yeatman, CEO of Yarrabah ASC, it was SurePact’s understanding of his Council’s needs that led him to re-sign.

“The SurePact team has been thorough and engaging, and they have a great understanding of the needs of our community,” Leon says. “We recognise that our team has some big gaps that we have to address, and we need good partners to help fill those gaps with their technical knowledge, capacity and support. SurePact enables us to see the big picture and articulate it to everyone in the team.”

The enhanced communication, transparency and accessibility that SurePact provides has been beneficial to each of the Councils.

“Communication has been, by far, the biggest benefit that we have had from working with SurePact so far,” Sean says. “Anyone in the Council with authorisation can access everything, from project information and pictures to contract information and project progress.” 

“The most beneficial aspect of using SurePact,” Anne agrees, “is that every authorised person working on a project or contract can obtain the relevant information at any time by themselves.

“SurePact has enabled total transparency in each facet of contract delivery, and made it easier and more efficient to provide information, approvals and documents to non-members when required.”

Within the next three years, all Councils are looking forward to further integrating SurePact into their businesses.

“We can’t wait to have more employees working with the system,” Sean says. “This will lead to reducing my admin workload and will allow me to spend more time on strategic analysis and business development.”

“We will be bringing on more external contractors and internal Council departments to utilise the Grants, Asset Register and Project modules within SurePact,” Anne says, “creating better outcomes for the business as a whole.”

“The solution-oriented structure creates benefits for our entire network,” Leon adds. “SurePact helps to connect our strategic vision with our operational planning.”