Cloncurry Shire Council and CurryPM work together using SurePact to safely deliver game-changing precinct for the community

CurryPM has worked with Cloncurry Shire Council to deliver the Florence Clark Park Precinct, among other projects, attracting praise from Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Mayor Greg Campbell and Senator Susan McDonald. 

As a project management team, CurryPM supplies its services to Cloncurry Shire Council to deliver sizeable value-adding assets to the community. 

“We deliver projects to the Shire, we look at getting grants for the Shire so that we can get those projects up and going and we also do all the National Disaster Relief Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) flood works as well,” CurryPM Project Manager Frank Plozza says. 

“We look after all of the information and data gathering, we plan the projects, work them through and execute the final delivery.

“These projects include upgrades to a range of community assets including roads, the Mary Kay tourist information area front access, sales yards, the Florence Clark Park Precinct and various other projects.”

The Florence Clark Park Precinct was an especially substantial project that gained national recognition. Prime Minister Scott Morrison recently attended the site and delivered a speech in the new pavilion, commenting on the excellent project management of the upgrade. Senator Susan McDonald and Mayor Greg Campbell were also in attendance at the park opening.

“There were grants put together by the Council and other business entities to contribute as funding to this park project. This money allowed us to extensively upgrade the parklands,” Frank says.

“We installed 360 metres of 2.5-metre-wide pathways throughout the park precinct, 4000 square metres of irrigated grass, five arbour constructions, a large playground, fencing, three barbecues and shelters, a large pavilion, new amenities, toilet facilities for the change rooms at both the park and the pool, a big pump house with a surrounding mural, an upgrade to the pool including retiling the wet deck, and splash pads for both the pool and the water park.

“It has been a major undertaking for a bit over a year to get from breaking site to opening day. It has been quite a large task but to see how the community has taken to it has been amazing. It has added a lot of value to the Cloncurry community and it has given children a place to have fun and utilise the assets the town has provided.”

SurePact has been a key player in enabling collaborative projects like these to be executed and delivered. 

“SurePact has enabled the collaboration process to be executed with Cloncurry Shire Council. Not only does SurePact ease project management headaches but it also helps to deliver communities fantastic projects,” he says.

“When collaborating you always want to enhance the process in whatever way you can. When SurePact came along we were able to utilise its suite of modules to gain the best possible outcomes and benefits for both businesses involved and the extended community.

“Working on the Florence Clark Park Precinct was my first experience using SurePact, which was a learning curve, but once you get that knowledge base and understanding of the software, I have been able to utilise it in other projects and get that flow-on effect.”

Transparency, risk management and portfolio management are some of the benefits that CurryPM and its partners have seen using SurePact. 

“All of the quotes, data and information for projects is gathered and stored in the SurePact system, which assists in getting the project up and running and allows for the transparency and risk management that comes with that,” Frank says.

“Transparency is so important in collaborating and being able to give people permission to view what they need, without the ability to alter any of the information is of great value. As a project manager it is important that my information is secure. SurePact gives me the sole right to actually move users and permissions around to control and protect my data.

“Managing all the different moving parts and projects within the delivery can be a challenge and very complex. You need to be aware of which stage each project is at at any given time. The portfolio management capability within SurePact assists with this. Each different segment is an individual job within SurePact and that becomes a portfolio, which you can refer to and have access to whenever you need.

“SurePact keeps all of our project information safe and secure. Previously we would work off a USB or large and complicated spreadsheets and if those systems failed us we would have to start again. But where do you even start when all your information is lost? SurePact is a vault that gives us peace of mind.”