How CurryPM is working with Winton Shire Council to deliver the Queensland Flood Warning Infrastructure Network Program

CurryPM is working across Queensland to complete part of the largest infrastructure network in Australia – the Queensland Flood Warning Infrastructure Network Program (FWIN).

Queensland is all too familiar with flooding events, so it’s important that project collaboration across 12 Councils and the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) occurs seamlessly. 

When the project is delivered, BOM will have information from flood warning systems across Queensland. This means weather conditions will be monitored more closely, helping communities receive flood warnings quicker and provide more data about climate change.

Frank Plozza and Suniel Adhikari

“It has been a great experience meeting with so many Council members including Directors’ of Engineering and CEOs. Every region is different in terms of its geology, weather conditions and road networks,” CurryPM Project Manager Frank Plozza says. 

“All of the Councils involved are very cooperative as they all see the FWIN’s benefits in acquiring data and camera images of road conditions with flooding across causeways, which often turns into road closures.

“This information is really needed to manage events across the wide-open expanses of Queensland’s central and far northern regions.”

One Council that CurryPM is working closely alongside is Winton Shire Council.

“Ricki Bruhn is the CEO of Winton, he has been very accommodating in assisting me in the site locations throughout this FWIN delivery process,” Frank says. 

Throughout Winton Shire CurryPM is working across three sites: Bendemeer, Apsley and Aldingham.

CurryPM Weather Station

“In Bendemeer, located on the Diamantina River, north west of Winton, we are providing a river monitor, rain gauge and a camera monitoring the causeway,” he says.

“Aspley, which is located approximately 20km south of Winton out on Mountain View Station and Aldingham, located east of Winton, will also both have rain gauges installed.“

Managing these specific deliverables alongside those within the other 11 Councils has been simplified and streamlined with SurePact.

“The Shires have dedicated folders in SurePact with the contracts associated with each project stored within. This includes the risk management assessment of individual sites as they all have different requirements,” Frank says.

“All site information is held securely in these SurePact folders such as Dial Before U Dig and Notice of Entry.”

The record keeping abilities of the SurePact software assist greatly with this large scale program.

“Keeping good records (housekeeping) is extremely beneficial to both completing FWIN and the auditing process,” Frank says.

“Traceability is really a cornerstone in managing such a large logistical operation covering some 35% of Queensland. Knowing where the information is located makes it easy to manage.

“If a project manager leaves, then the information is held safely, a replacement can access it and continue on, limiting the risk of blowing out timelines and rebuilding the information trail again.”

Frank adds that “the logistical delivery of FWIN is extremely complicated as the remoteness of the sites play a major part in handling and managing risk. With SurePact we are able to overall better manage the risk management across each Council.”