How the Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport is using SurePact in its regional delivery

The Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport (DTIS) is using the SurePact solution for regional delivery across a suite of 10-15 collaborative projects.

While only in the beginning stages of integrating SurePact into its business processes, it is clear to Director of Regional Engagement Jacqueline Steel that SurePact is making a difference to the way the department works.

“One of the beauties of SurePact is its ability to identify opportunities and connections across regions, allowing us to connect the achievements and outcomes we are seeing across the board and create value for the entire State,” Steel says.

Jacqueline Steel and male presenting on stage

DTIS is working to use SurePact in its day-to-day business processes in order to track collaborative projects with regional events that are currently getting underway.

“With SurePact, everything is in one place and no matter who you are in the team you can quickly go in and look for pieces of work that are happening across all of our regional areas and see how that might be connected with other events,” Steel says. 

“It has been incredibly beneficial for everyone to be able to see what each other is working on. It gives us a very good view of potential opportunities and activations across the State, giving us the ability to flag collaborations that may not have been clear otherwise. The strategic initiatives that can come from being able to see how events line up with each other is a huge advantage to the regions.

“This has been a learning process for us to develop new ways of working that match the power of a new system and allow us to realise the efficiencies and improved governance that it offers.”

One such example of future work includes a large regional project that DTIS are in the early stages of pulling together. 

“Currently we are working to get the whole team across the SurePact system so that when this new project is launched and the funding is there, we are all systems go,” Steel says.

With the ongoing training and support they are set to receive from SurePact, the benefits that DTIS get out of the solution are only set to grow.

“Being able to partner with one of our innovative Queensland startups has been a great way to get a very thorough understanding of the program and how it can work for us both now and in the future,” Steel says.

SurePact is also a great tool for ensuring seamless handovers during staff changes.

“The software gives us the ability to highlight key projects and initiatives, allowing the team to maintain and be across everything we have going on if someone changes roles,” Steel says. 

“Having everything in one system, where a number of people can see what is underway, means that the work in one region is less likely to fall between the cracks. 

“SurePact is really important to ensure that nothing is double-handled or missed and that everything in the works is clear and can progress on schedule.”