SurePact names six Executive Team Leaders

As part of SurePact’s growth strategy, we have named six Executive Team Leaders to guide the business in its strategic decisions and continue to grow a successful SurePact.

It was important that we navigated this new phase of the business with our best minds at the top, coming together to shape the organisation to direct and inspire the entire team as we scale up. 

Executive Leadership Team headshots

Each and every member of this appointed team is experienced and knowledgeable within their area of expertise and are great assets to the business. Coming together across different departments, it is a well-rounded and diversified group of people who work every day to articulate SurePact’s purpose, set clear and actionable strategies, motivate, empower and take responsibility for the team. 

The Executive Leadership Team works closely with our Founder and CEO, Megan Avard, to create strategy and execute both the short- and long-term vision for the company. Together they collaborate and work towards a unified vision of what SurePact will look like in the future, and work together to identify and solve problems using insights from across the entire organisation. 

Introducing our Executive Leadership Team: Megan Avard, Founder and CEO; Brett Hirst, Head of Engineering; KJ Hall, Head of Customer Success; Aiden Dipple, Head of Infrastructure and Integration; Monica Chand, Head of Product; and Jen Humphreys, Finance Manager . 

Megan Avard, Founder and CEO

Megan Avard is likely already a familiar name, as she has been at the head of SurePact since its inception in 2017. With eleven years working for Brisbane City Council in various executive roles, where she was delivering program budgets on spreadsheets, she spotted a problem and got to work finding a solution. This solution was SurePact.

“I am looking forward to growing the SurePact team and expanding our client base into Councils, Not-For-Profit and Construction sectors Australia-wide,” Megan says. “If you had told me in 2017 that I would be the Founder and CEO of a tech company with 20 staff, partnered with an amazing Board and Investor delivering a SaaS to an incredible client base in four years’ time, I would not have believed you, yet here we are.”

Megan’s entrepreneurial, visionary and performance-focused leadership approach will continue to prove invaluable to SurePact’s growth. As CEO, her intricate knowledge of Council processes and her Project Management and Not-For-Profit experience has been crucial to SurePact’s success. And as the Founder of SurePact, she has extensive knowledge of the product, and has fostered key relationships with our clients and stakeholders.

“Every step of the SurePact journey has been exciting, and I continue to learn and grow with the support of my incredible team, our Board and our clients.”

Connect with Megan here. 

Brett Hirst, Head of Engineering

Spanning almost two full decades, Brett Hirst’s experience in software development and leading teams in the startup space are valuable assets he brings to his position as Head of Engineering. Having been with the SurePact company since its early days, Brett has a great understanding of both the product and the business.

“Seeing Megan’s drive, and what she had not only created with SurePact, but where she wanted to take the product, drew me to the company,” Brett says. “It is the team, the culture and the close relationships we have developed that keep me here.”

Brett sees his role as being the glue between the product, the CEO and technology team. His versatile skill set allows him to move between all levels within the company, serving as a strong leader and mentor to the team and passing on his hard-earned knowledge and experience. 

“Watching the company grow in size and achieve its goals has been great, and I am excited to be a part of its continued journey.” 

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KJ Hall, Head of Customer Success

KJ Hall ensures our customers’ voices are heard as we grow. With extensive consulting and account management experience, along with a deep technical background, KJ is able to bring a best-in-class experience to all of our customers as Head of Customer Success.

“It was evident to me that the SurePact leadership team is tirelessly focused on making our customers successful,” KJ says. “This genuine passion is what has allowed SurePact to design and develop a remarkable solution to ensure our customers have complete visibility and transparency into their deliveries.

“It is exciting to be involved in the SurePact expansion and I am really looking forward to ensuring that the success of our SurePact customers remains front and centre as we grow.” 

KJ works closely with our customers to drive adoption and retention through meaningful engagements and value-add best practices.

“Working closely with all of the other departments, my team ensures that the SurePact solution remains best-in-class, meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations,” KJ says. “We strive to be recognised by our customers as their trusted advisor to assist them in their success.”

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Aiden Dipple, Head of Infrastructure and Integration

A newer face on the SurePact team, we recently welcomed Aiden Dipple as Head of Infrastructure and Integration. With over 30 years of experience in software development as a software architect and web application developer, he has provided full-stack solutions across government, industry and greenfield projects. As a team leader, Aiden has extensive experience building high-performing teams and delivering global software solutions for Fortune 500 clients.

“Having founded my own startup software companies, I was drawn towards SurePact as a challenging role where I can make a difference,” Aiden says. “The SurePact environment allows for innovation and discovery, providing state-of-the-art enterprise architecture. 

“I am excited to share my knowledge and to help set up SurePact to grow at scale across many fronts. This includes building CI/CD automation using Microsoft’s ever-expanding tool sets, and working with the leadership team to determine the long-term technology strategy. I am very excited to be working in a team where innovation is embraced, celebrated and rewarded.

“I have never been as excited about the state-of-the-art of our industry. We have seen large SaaS companies disrupt entire markets by being first-to-market entrants over the past decade.  But the maturation of cloud technologies for development through to infrastructure and deployment are real-game changers.”

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Monica Chand, Head of Product

As a product leader with 12 years’ experience in global settings, Monica Chand is the perfect fit for SurePact’s Head of Product. Her experience includes helping highly regulated businesses manage GRC/IRM and providing solutions to support landslide logistics.

“My mission is to contribute to a more ethical, sustainable and equitable world,” Monica says. “I choose to work with organisations, like SurePact, that do meaningful work to drive those outcomes.

“My passion is in building high-functioning Product teams, and creating and executing roadmaps that deliver innovative solutions. I have joined SurePact as the Head of Product to further establish the Product function and work alongside senior leaders to propel this exciting business forward in its next stage of growth.”

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Jen Humphreys, Finance Manager

As an enthusiastic and astute finance professional, with more than 23 years of experience in financial management, business planning, reporting, project management and process improvement, Jen Humphreys is a great addition to the SurePact Executive Leadership Team. 

“I have worked with a range of businesses in different industries that were focused on growth and scaling up, and am excited to apply my skills and expertise to help SurePact reach its goals,” Jen says.

“I was attracted to working with SurePact after meeting Megan. I was inspired by her drive and professionalism and could tell that SurePact had a bright future. It is a very strong team of talented people that share similar values. 

“The financial health of the business is crucial for continued success and it is my job to constantly monitor our financial performance and ensure we stay on track. I am looking forward to growing the number and types of customers we can help with our product.”

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You can view our entire Executive Leadership Team and access their bios here.