The future is now for SurePact 


It’s a time of transformation and renewal for SurePact, as the company farewells its Founder, welcomes a new majority shareholder and continues to develop and hone its product suite. 

Megan Avard, who launched SurePact’s unique suite of risk identification and management modules in 2017, will depart the company. Future Now Capital – the first external investor in SurePact – will now take a further stake in the business to become the majority shareholder. The Future Now Capital team are now heavily involved, working with and supporting the SurePact Executive Leadership Team and SurePact’s clients.

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Megan founded SurePact after identifying the need for a SaaS solution that would allow project, contract and grant managers to identify and mitigate risks, increase compliance, improve governance and enhance productivity across organisations, programs and portfolios. 

From a standing start, SurePact has achieved widespread acceptance and use in councils, state government, corporates and agencies, bringing innovative risk management capability and enabling improved governance and transparent reporting.

A trailblazing female Founder and CEO, Megan’s efforts ensured that SurePact was one of the first recipients of the Australian Government’s Boosting Female Founders Grant. 

Megan has achieved a credible reputation in the technology ecosystem and successfully secured funding from the Queensland Government’s Ignite Ideas Fund in 2017 and 2018; was selected for the WaterStart Exchange Program in 2019; won the WiT Entrepreneur of the Year and AiiA Start-Up of the Year awards in 2019; the LendLease APAC Start-Up of the Year award in 2018; and secured a successful $2M capital raise with Future Now Capital in early 2021.

“We’re extremely appreciative of everything Megan has achieved with SurePact,” said SurePact Head of Engineering Brett Hirst, “with her pioneering vision and commitment to realising and providing a better solution for grants and project management. While we now look to the future of the company, we also can’t wait to see what Megan does next.” 

Future Now Capital, a specialised investment firm with a focus on innovative software companies that are providing the services and solutions of the future today, has acquired a controlling stake in SurePact. 

“SurePact is a technology enterprise with real purpose that’s delivering big benefits,” said Future Now Partner Chris Lee. 

“We thank Megan for her vision, drive and determination to create SurePact and her energy and effort over the last five years. We believe SurePact is a company with incredible potential for growth, and Future Now Capital has the strategic know-how, track record and access to capital to realise this potential.”


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