North West Flood Warning Infrastructure Network (FWIN) Project

The purpose of the North West Queensland Flood Warning Infrastructure Network (FWIN) Project is to analyse existing flood warning infrastructure, and work with the Bureau of Meteorology and local communities to identify high priority locations requiring additional flood warning infrastructure capability.

The Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) is currently working with 28 Councils to deliver a $8 million FWIN Project to support recovery following the 2019 North and Far North Queensland Monsoon Trough disaster event. This project is part of the $242 million Category C and D Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA) package jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland Governments. The project covers three areas of operation: Far North Queensland; North West Queensland; and Townsville and surrounds.

FWIN flood waters

The North West Queensland FWIN Project area of operation includes 12 local government areas:  Boulia; Burke; Carpentaria; Cloncurry; Croydon; Diamantina; Etheridge; Flinders; Longreach; McKinlay; Richmond; and Winton.

The official project webpage for the North West Queensland FWIN Project is available at:

Frank Plozza from CurryPM has been engaged as the Project Manager for the North West area of operation and is overseeing the delivery of assets for the 12 Council areas covering North West Queensland  from the South Australian border, to the Gulf, to the Northern Territory border and across the Great Dividing Range.

The scale and size of this project brings with it a level of complexity that CurryPM is navigating using SurePact.

SurePact provides an innovative SaaS solution that allows project, contract and grant managers to identify and mitigate risks, increase compliance, improve governance and enhance productivity, from the initial concept and business case, to the tender stage, and right through to close-out and the defects liability period of your deliveries.

“We have been hard at work to support the delivery of the FWIN project in the North West. This involves performing suitable flood warning infrastructure upgrades to the most appropriate locations throughout flood-impacted areas, making improvements to Bureau of Meteorology services to support primary producers and communities, and preparing a range of assets to support the availability of stronger information, including the use of flood cameras,” Plozza said.

“It is a complex logistical project at a glance, with the remoteness of the sites playing a major part in handling and managing risk. Breaking it down into localities for the delivery separates the complexity. Managing specific processes within all 12 Councils we believe has been simplified and streamlined with SurePact supporting the mitigation of risks across the project.”

CurryPM has been tasked project managing the installation of 65 flood warning assets to benefit the 12 Councils within its project area to be delivered by Qteq Pty Ltd.

“So far SurePact has been useful for us to capture risks, manage processes, store documents such as BOM ID Forms, Dial before U Dig Results and TMR corridor information and for uploading budgets and draft contracts,” Plozza says.

“Using SurePact will help me to provide transparency to all the Councils involved and deliver reports on the status of each project.”

“It is beneficial to have one system in place that provides an auditable project document trail that captures everything from final contracts to spending and everything in between.”