SurePact and Garu InfoTech partner to bring risk management software to South Australia

SurePact has partnered with Adelaide’s Garu InfoTech, South Australia’s first local Aboriginal technology-related business, to bring our risk management solution to South Australia. 

Garu InfoTech exists to assist Australian businesses in navigating their digital transformation journey, either through the augmentation of their project resources or through the delivery of turn-key outcomes. 

Brenz Saunders headshot

Garu InfoTech’s belief is that the world of evolving technology and the cultural intelligence of Australia’s First Peoples can combine to forge stronger reconciliation within the ICT sectors, and provide new ways of thinking to solve complicated problems. 

Its aim is to contribute towards the growth of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation within the ICT sector, and bridge the gap between First Nations and technology. This is an aim that SurePact not only supports, but shares and promotes within its business practices. 

“This new partnership between Garu InfoTech and SurePact will enable both businesses to develop capability and scalability into new market locations,” Garu InfoTech Founder and CEO Brenz Saunders says.

“The partnership will enable the diversification of staff skills and knowledge, which will complement existing talent and delivery.

“Garu InfoTech is excited by the opportunity to deliver a new SaaS service to support our current and future clients as part of this new partnership.”

Garu InfoTech client’s look to benefit from SurePact’s end-to-end risk identification and management software for delivery of their projects, contracts and grants, from concept through to asset realisation.

“We are encouraged by SurePact’s existing engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients, and in particular, SurePact’s commitment to further develop sustainable delivery and independence for those clients.

“The direct benefit to Garu InfoTech is to work in collaboration with highly skilled and motivated individuals, resulting in the sharing of knowledge and experience.”

Founder and CEO of SurePact, Megan Avard, says she is thrilled to be working alongside Garu InfoTech. 

“We are particularly keen to utilise their cultural intelligence to solve business problems and create a more positive and collaborative environment for all of our clients,” she says, “especially those whose communities have a strong Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander presence.”

SurePact’s proven success across a range of industries, and its work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients to date, has created confidence in Garu InfoTech that sharing SurePact’s capabilities with its local South Australian clients will benefit the wider community and provide better business outcomes for all key stakeholders.  

“The SurePact platform has shown great success over its period of operations to date, working closely with Government organisations and private corporations of all sizes across Queensland, focusing on mitigating contract and project risks,” Brenz says.

“Enabling the expansion of the SurePact platform into South Australia will allow for complementary growth, and SurePact brings with it a great deal of knowledge and experience that can be utilised for the success of local South Australian clients. 

“The direct benefit to both States is the continuation of knowledge sharing and innovation, as well as a growth in problem solving across an evolving technology landscape.

“I’m particularly excited to be developing our mutual objective of impacting our communities in a positive and sustainable way. Jointly, we understand the importance of our individual communities, enabling a great experience of engagement and achieving outcomes that benefit our businesses, staff and clients.

“On a personal level, I am very excited to be working with a group of talented and creative professionals to advance our businesses collectively.”

SurePact’s Megan Avard says the feeling is mutual. 

“Brenz is a strong leader of Garu InfoTech,” she says, “and I look forward to working closely with him to ensure this partnership flourishes and supports greater outcomes for both companies and their clients.”