How SurePact is helping Indigenous communities change the way they do things

Managing risk is a huge issue across many organisations. Councils in Australia are unable to identify where their spend has gone and we have large organisations nationally and globally unable to track their compounding risk, some even resorting to outdated colour coded spreadsheets.

Our remote and regional Councils need help in this area. SurePact Risk management Software is solving these problems for many Queensland Councils.

Yarrabah ASC

Alf Lacey, Mayor of Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council said, “SurePact is a technology that is helping us better manage the public affairs of the community.”

Since deploying SurePact Project Management Software to the Council in late 2018, Palm Island is now delivering over 60 projects and contracts in major infrastructure, water and wastewater, maintenance and minor works.

When asked, Mayor Lacey said of the challenges in his community, “The big build in our community means that everything comes over from the mainland. As we see technology grow and an evolving world, we as a remote community, need to provide… as much as we can to upskill our people. We are more isolated, and it is important to be forward-thinking too, to help avoid the challenges we face…”

SurePact CEO and AiiA winner, Megan Avard went on to say, “SurePact is an enterprise SaaS solution that helps customers identify and mitigate contract risks to achieve predictable outcomes to provide immediate savings, procurement efficiencies and best practice in contract delivery.”

Another client of SurePact, Gus Yates (Director of Technical Services at Aurukun Aboriginal Shire Council) talked about one of his key challenges: “…every contract that you do, there’s always a risk involved. Justifying that to a council and being transparent into the future as to why you don’t want to use certain suppliers is difficult.”

This aligns with the findings of the 2018 Local Government Risk Report for Australian Local Government which highlights the human impact on Local Government risk, but reveals that despite an increasing level of public scrutiny and media attention, “more than half of all councils are failing to execute simple practices to rein in that risk.” Find out more.

Gus Yates, however, is not going to let Aurukun be one of those recalcitrant councils.

“…the SurePact software will help us to justify the decisions we make in the future…” he said. “…having a software like SurePact that documents each process required helps to save councils from massive cost blowouts. As issues are identified, legislation and systems have been developed to help project managers to get the job done safely on time and on budget within the constraints.”

Yarrabah CEO
Yarrabah ASC CEO Leon Yeatman

So, by introducing the SurePact solution, Aurukun Aboriginal Shire Council, along with Palm Island ASC, is demonstrating thought leadership and a proactive approach to contract risk management that leaves most other Australian councils behind.

Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council CEO, Leon Yeatman shared his thoughts on the link between SurePact and the team by saying, “Megan has identified operational and planning gaps applicable to our sector from her executive level experience working in council. I am impressed with the ease of application, level of engagement with my team, and the work being done is very positive for the business”.