Practice makes perfect: How SurePact’s hands-on training has benefitted Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council

Implementing new technology into your business comes with high rewards, but also the possibility of high risks. There can certainly be a teething process while employees are trained in new programs, and adjustments must occur as everyone learns the new way of doing things.

But when new technologies are absorbed efficiently and effectively, business processes can be elevated. This creates favourable outcomes for all those involved. 

SurePact sees its clients’ success as its own success. As such, a key priority to the SurePact team is working with our clients to assist them in utilising SurePact in the best way possible, ensuring the rewards far outweigh the risks. 

Andrew Beckett at Cherbourg Material Recovery Site

While still in the early stages of integrating SurePact into his work, the potential positive impacts of this new technology have already been recognised by Andrew Beckett, Manager at Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council (ASC).

“This is a new set of tools that I’m learning slowly, however the benefits gained in using the software to help me keep track of and manage my projects are invaluable,” Andrew says. “While I’m not quite there yet and it has been a learning process, repetition is my best friend.

“I look forward to SurePact becoming part of my normal everyday practices, as the benefits I could gain in doing so will be significant.”

Providing ample training and support to clients is a fundamental part of the SurePact business. SurePact is there every step of the way, and works closely with key stakeholders to ensure users are getting the most out of their SurePact experience. Andrew feels this assistance has been crucial in his ability to use SurePact. 

“The training and support that Megan and the SurePact team have given me has been great,” he says. “With that being said, it will take my own time and practice learning the software before I can navigate it more confidently.

“SurePact benefits my role by providing a great deal of accountability, and as I get used to the program, it will speed up the project delivery processes. The benefits to the Council as a whole will be across finance, management and accountability, as well as responsibility for all who are involved in any given project.”

Kayla Hayer, Admin at Cherbourg ASC, uses SurePact to support other key users within the Council. 

“It took a few sessions with Megan to get to know the system and to learn its capabilities, but it is definitely easy to navigate once you realise what you are trying to do,” Kayla says.

“The program is really user-friendly and the team is always on standby to provide support when you need it.

“If I have a question that needs to be answered, the SurePact team gets back to me within the same day. It is really nice not having to sit with work piling up because you’re waiting on a response – it’s always resolved in a timely manner.

“SurePact helps us keep everything together in one place. It is easy for the appropriate people to access all of the required documents and have everything they need in one simple program.” 

Cherbourg ASC Economic and Community Development Manager Sean Nicholson has taken on the role of overseeing SurePact’s integration into Council, and has taken ownership over ensuring the program’s success. Sean identified SurePact’s customer service as a key component in the reason the Council chose to use SurePact to begin with. 

“We spent time researching other platforms before deciding to go with SurePact. We went ahead with SurePact because of the customer relations it offers,” Sean said.

“The SurePact team comes to our site and spends time with our staff to show us how the program works. Initially Megan was side by side with us every week, then we dropped it to two weeks, and now our meetings are once per month. We feel that our familiarity with SurePact is very high because of the excellent customer service and support along the way.”