Advisory Boards help create more successful companies, and contemporary business demands more.

Today’s business leaders are striving to find access to current, ground-breaking thinking that can help accelerate their strategy and grow their business.

They are demanding innovative, cutting-edge business intelligence and strategic insights from the very best minds. They want deep, engaged partnerships based on mutual respect and committed two-way support over the long-term.

“Businesses need the flexibility and agility of an Advisory Board to support informed decision making and strategic vision…” – Advisory Board Centre.

SurePact’s Advisory Board is made of 3 such amazing people who have been the backbone support to the company’s CEO and Leadership Team.

Megan Avard, SurePact’s CEO said, “My Board are a trusted group of incredibly intelligent people who work very well together and for SurePact. They share their experiences and provide strong guidance along with practical pathways for the business to increase competitive advantage, foster innovation and drive economic impact.”

“I trust them, listen to them and am humbled by their genuine desire to not only want to see myself and the company succeed, but they are 3 outstanding mentors who continually give time to my entire team as well. They are always there at all hours of the day, SurePact is incredibly lucky to have such a great Advisory Board”.

“I urge all startups to establish an Advisory Board as early as you can, but to also look for the right people that believe in your vision and who are also the right fit for you as Founder.”

Colin Kinner
Founder and CEO, Startup Onramp

Tania Walter
Founder and CEO, Obzervr

Helen Coyer
COO, Australian Industry Trade College

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