Microsoft supports its partners and strengthens scaling technologies

As a Microsoft partner for three years, and now as part of the Global Assisted Growth program, SurePact works closely with the software giant to expand its reach and strengthen its offering. 

Members of the Microsoft Partner Network are offered instant access to exclusive resources, programs, tools and connections designed to foster business growth. This program has been at the centre of how Microsoft delivers technologies and business transformation to its customers around the world for over a decade. 

Megan Avard with Rachel Bondi and Steven Worrall

“At Microsoft we offer unique opportunities across our technology stack, creating countless opportunities for partners to differentiate their businesses,” Microsoft Chief Partner Officer Rachel Bondi says.

“This is combined with one of the largest technology ecosystems in the world, with 400,000 partners and between 300-400 joining every single day. This enables our partners to foster strong connections with other partners and their customers.

“The results of this scale, differentiation and commitment are clear. The International Data Corporation predicts partners will generate $1.2 trillion in revenue from Microsoft technology by 2024, and for every $1 of Microsoft revenue, partners earn $9.58.”

Microsoft’s technology stack means that SurePact’s clients can feel confident knowing its software is backed by secure, global, specialised products and services, which help ensure business continuity, safety and innovation.

“Microsoft not only provides innovative and comprehensive technology solutions, but also enables partners to access a global customer base,” Bondi says.

“This year we are investing in programs to assist independent software vendors (ISVs) transform their sales, marketing and technology platforms to enable them to expand internationally and have reduced commercial marketplace fees from the industry standard of 20 percent down to 3 percent, helping partners like SurePact to sell their solutions in over 140 countries and in 17 currencies.

“Because partners are the engine for our mutual growth, we are always looking at new ways to help them grow, including co-selling through our Partner Centre, which focuses on our shared goal to address a customer need while delivering mutual benefit.”

SurePact is currently working with Microsoft on strengthening its integrations with Dynamics365 and the Microsoft Office Suite.

“Integration across the Microsoft product suite helps enable ease of use, better data analysis and improved business outcomes,” Bondi says.

“By combining the data from different Microsoft products, partners like SurePact can develop a more holistic view of their own business and their customers. Applying analytics and AI to this data then informs business decisions, enabling efficiency and faster growth. Microsoft is continuing to innovate in this area, most recently announcing Dynamics 365 Teams integration, the only unified platform for collaboration and business processes.

“For Microsoft, strengthened integrations allow us to better understand a business and work with them to ensure our products and services are tailored to their – and their customers’ – needs.”

It is a strategic priority for Microsoft to support female founders as a means to benefit the entire technology industry and beyond.

“At Microsoft, the commitment to diversity and inclusion is embedded throughout the organisation,” Bondi says. 

“Encouraging and investing in diversity – both within the organisation and throughout the network of partners, customers and stakeholders – is a fundamental part of everyone’s role.

“At Microsoft, we believe that when women innovate, create and lead, everyone benefits. Our goal is to radically change the face of the tech industry and we are passionate about unlocking female talent across the industry.

“We are particularly proud to support founders like Megan Avard, who is not only changing the technology industry, but leading a company that is changing the lives of other business owners around the world.”

One such way that Microsoft focuses on supporting female founders in the technology landscape is through the Women Rising in Microsoft Program, designed and headed up by Bondi.

“Women Rising is an industry-leading program that supports women to authentically lead, thrive in their careers, develop radical confidence and build sustainable wellbeing,” she says.

“Microsoft partnered with Women Rising at the end of last year with a goal to provide access to hundreds of women throughout the partner ecosystem. The first cohort of about 250 people, 200 of which were women, took advantage of the program, which is subsidised to half of the normal cost. Our second cohort is on track to include 1000 participants. 

“The program consists of virtual program content, expert coaching and cross business cohort circles to support the community to build their confidence, show up as authentic leaders, build their career plan and personal brand and develop the grit and resilience to sustain their journey.”

Steven Worrall, Managing Director at Microsoft Australia and New Zealand, says that Microsoft and partners such as SurePact “have an important role to play in shaping the transformation of the Australian and New Zealand economies and showing our customers what is possible. 

“We are continuing to support our partner ecosystem through skilling programs, opening up new markets through reduced fees on our commercial marketplace and building industry relevance through new cloud offerings.”