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Surepact, VIrtual Reality Solutions

SurePact and Next World’s Virtual Reality pilot with COVID-friendly technology is ‘Saving Councils Thousands!’ 

SurePact and Next World Enterprises were keen to share the ABC News Release on their Virtual Reality pilot showcasing Burke Shire Council!

You can see the ABC News report here!

Being apart of new innovations is more than just exciting, it is about businesses approaching innovation strategically instead of trying to keep up with technological change. Being successful in this arena should be considered a core competency including a culture in your team that will enable it to flourish. Being a Leader that embraces innovation will then allow for the business and customer to be aligned.

Given the pace of technological change, trying to keep up by simply reacting is futile. The key to successful innovation is to enlist the right mix of employees, customers, and technology partners from the start.

Working with clients such as Burke Shire Council and their appetite to improve outputs with the introduction of technology is going from strength to strength and saving thousands of dollars!

“As a very remote Council and strapped for cash, being early adopters of technology has massive benefits. With the borders of our Shire closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, flying trainers in was not a possibility. Burke Shire Council jumped at the opportunity offered by SurePact as part of their innovative expansion to pilot virtual reality Workplace Health and Safety training by Next World Enterprises.

Today I tried it. I am awestruck. Not only is the virtual environment amazingly realistic, but you get an engagement with the learning material that you simply couldn’t get with other mediums. We are able to train staff individually, rather than having our whole workforce simultaneously out of the workplace for training; we can do courses on working at heights and working in confined spaces safely and do not have the significant expenses of travel and accommodation for trainers who would otherwise need to come to our remote part of the world. An added advantage is we now have staff clamouring to be WHS Officers – the most exciting, cutting-edge job on Council!” Clare Keenan CEO, Burke Shire Council.  

Feedback on the VR training has been universally positive with one Burke SC team member commenting that “This was a great way to do manual handling training and I took in a lot more through the VR headset rather than sitting in a classroom.”

SurePact CEO, Megan Avard has said, “Burke Shire Council’s WH&S team are enjoying working with SurePact and Next World Enterprises to deliver their Virtual Reality (VR) pilot program to remote and regional Councils. Even without COVID, businesses can save thousands of dollars by transitioning from conventional training methods to VR.”

David Gornalle, WH&S Contractor stated, “Since launching the innovative pilot 4 weeks ago, we have now almost 50 staff who have completed between one to four of the VR modules.”

“WH&S is for the entire business and it does not have to be ‘just another task’… Next World and SurePact are doing a great job teaming up so that ‘it can be fun, informative and this experience is bringing the ‘WOW’ back to the safety training arena!,” he said “and staff are finding they are retaining more using the VR experience than sitting in a classroom.”

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