SurePact Launches Grant Management System in Western Australia

By July 27, 2020 November 7th, 2020 News Stories
SurePact Contract Management System Launches in Western Australia

SurePact CEO, Megan Avard proudly announced this week SurePact’s launch into WA on the eve of their 3rd birthday!

Executive Manager Corporate & Community Services, John van der Meer said, “being a Shire which covers a huge area with a small population means we have to make the most of every dollar raised. SurePact has impressed me with their journey and growth over the past 18 months and I see their new grant management software will allow a transparent view of all of our grants through to delivering the projects, and identify risks well in advance. This should ensure we can address any issues long before they become a problem or cost.”

SurePact is very pleased to welcome the Shire of Morawa. Noted for its spectacular wildflower season and only a 4-hour drive from Perth. Morawa’s local economy is a mix of broadacre cropping, mining, education and associated services which provide most of the employment in the Shire. 

Megan has always been passionate about supporting regional and remote Councils and said the Council’s CEO and Leadership team are highly focused on creating opportunities to regenerate population and community growth. Strong investment in transport infrastructure to support job growth in road networks, maintenance and renewal of roads ensures that major assets are kept at a standard appropriate for community and tourist growth.

Being a small community but a large Shire also means that the Council relies heavily on grants and being focused to deliver projects and initiatives that support and grow the community. Achieving growth in the success of grants also requires a heavy time component.

The introduction of SurePact’s new Grant Management System, designed to support Local Government Processes will allow for the Council to have timely information. As well, the system also manages the application process to ensure time efficiencies and transparent support for governance and compliance.

Renee King, Community Development Officer stated, “SurePact’s Grant Management System is very intuitive and allows me to access reports for the Leadership Team and Council members to have a full picture of the current and future grants the Council is applying for, as well as ensuring eligibility and approval processes strengthen our governance steps. I can definitely see how this solution will make my job more efficient.

Pictured left to right are Mr John van der Meer, Executive Manager Corporate & Community Services and Mr Rob Paull, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Shire of Morawa.

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