External contractors are reaping benefits by using SurePact

SurePact services a range of industries and roles with its end-to-end project, portfolio and risk management software. In many cases, the public and private sector work hand-in-hand using SurePact to benefit key stakeholders and create strong outcomes for the communities they work within. 

One such example is external contractor Northern Civil Solutions, who work alongside Yarrabah Aboriginal Shire Council (ASC) to deliver project deliveries to the region.

Michael Geoghegan, Director of Northern Civil Solutions using SurePact

Michael Geoghegan, Director of Northern Civil Solutions, works closely with Yarrabah ASC to provide project management services, predominantly focusing on projects relating to civil roads construction and minor structural works. 

Michael has found that integrating SurePact into the processes required for these projects streamlines the way Northern Civil Solutions is able to deliver projects for Yarrabah ASC. Safety and risk management are key priorities to both contractors and Councils, and SurePact allows the two parties to work together seamlessly and cohesively, improving communication, risk management, accessibility, payment processes and visibility of the tasks at hand. 

“As an external Project Manager, I use SurePact to complete our pre-start risk profiling, and then throughout the project, to monitor and document project and contract specifics, including progress claims, variations, EOTs, contractor SWMS and other project-related documentation,” he says.

“SurePact is extremely useful in my role as an external contractor at Yarrabah ASC. The software allows Northern Civil Solutions, as an external project management consultancy, to manage projects on behalf of Yarrabah ASC, while maintaining transparency relating to all aspects of the project.

“Yarrabah ASC has the opportunity to review, monitor and report on progress without having to request the data directly from us, streamlining the operations.”

SurePact allows both the Council and external contractors to not only see an overview of the project, but also have access to information at every stage of the process. All of the documentation is kept in one central and easily accessible location, allowing every member involved in the project to retrieve the information they need themselves, saving time, resources and energy. 

“I’ve found SurePact simple to adjust to. The days of documenting variations, EOTs and other contract-related data on excel spreadsheets are well and truly over,” Michael says. “SurePact has an amazing team led by Megan, who still makes every effort to visit us in Yarrabah as often as possible. SurePact provides ongoing remote support and the team always finds time to promptly respond to my concerns and queries.

“It is a great software for Councils and external contractors, mostly due to its transparency from contract award right through to contract completion. It would be a lot more difficult if we didn’t have a system like SurePact, because SurePact prompts you to look at particular aspects of the project before you’ve started.

“SurePact is the definition of project risk and contract risk management, and is essentially a project management training portal. It’s the ultimate guide to project and contract management.”