“SurePact is a company with an incredible future”: Federal Minister Peter Dutton visits SurePact

Federal Member for Dickson Peter Dutton has visited SurePact’s offices in Samford to congratulate the company on its progress since receiving the Boosting Female Founders Grant.

SurePact was one of the first recipients of the Australian Government’s Boosting Female Founders Grant, a $54 million initiative providing female founders with funding to scale their businesses into domestic and global markets. The initiative helps female entrepreneurs overcome the disadvantages they face in accessing finance and support for their start-ups.

Led by Founder and CEO Megan Avard, SurePact has developed an award-winning software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that provides a unique 360 degree suite of risk identification and management modules for the delivery of projects, contracts and grants from concept through to asset realisation.   

“The Boosting Female Founders Grant is designed to identify dynamic women, and we’ve done that with SurePact,” Minister Dutton said. “Megan’s a dynamic and unbelievably motivated person, and she’s built a wonderful team around her.”

Since receiving the $458,130 grant in 2020, SurePact’s client base has grown across a range of industries, including Local Government, State Government, not-for-profit and project consultancy firms. 

“It’s no surprise that SurePact has achieved the success they have to date,” Minister Dutton said, “but the most exciting thing is what they’re on the cusp of. I hope they continue to grow – not just domestically, but I think there’s an international opportunity for them as well. 

“I think it’s a global business when the day comes… and this funding helps them take the next step.”

Fittingly, SurePact has put the grant towards developing its Grant Management Platform. The platform is designed to assist funding bodies and grant recipients alike with the administration, tracking, transparency and reporting of grant programs. 

The software allows for end-to-end grant management probity, ensuring that taxpayers’ dollars are put towards their intended purpose and managed effectively. 

“One of the things we want to be assured of, as a funder, is that money is being spent where it was intended to be spent, and that people live up to their commitments,” Minister Dutton said, “and I think this tool provides that opportunity. 

“It will provide a level of assurance, not just for the funding body, but for the recipient as well, and help people to manage their grant programs much more efficiently.” 

Minister Dutton concluded his visit to the SurePact offices by reiterating his appreciation for what the company has achieved so far – and sharing his enthusiasm for its future. 

“I don’t think anybody could help but be impressed by what’s been achieved already,” he said. “There are lots of good ideas and good start-ups with good intent, but it’s difficult to translate that into results and outcomes like SurePact has. 

“SurePact is a company with an incredible future, and if you look at the network they’ve achieved already, the outreach they have with their stakeholder group, and the validity they’ve brought to their product, there’s a lot of support, and I think that will continue to increase.”  

The Grant Management Platform is expected to commercialise in September 2022. 

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