SurePact receives panel accreditation across four states

Last month, SurePact was successfully accredited to supply its services to Government Agencies across four states: Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

This allows eligible businesses to gain access to SurePact with a streamlined procurement process, making it even easier for SurePact to be integrated into business process. 

SurePact has been listed in the Local Buy Arrangement in the categories of ICT Solutions & Services BUS274 and Project Management (Civil Infrastructure) Services LB279 and named as a New South Wales ICT Panel Provider.

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“This achievement points to SurePact’s continued growth and expansion capabilities and was the next logical step in increasing SurePact’s availability to as many Government businesses as possible,” SurePact Founder and CEO Megan Avard says. 

“It is a credit to both our solution and team as we continue to work to remove barriers and red flags in providing SurePact to all Government Agencies.

“This is a win for both SurePact and Councils as it negates the need for Councils to take part in an open-for-tender engagement of any value, providing significant time and cost savings, and allows us to deliver SurePact to new clients in an even more efficient and effective manner.”

Through these accreditations, Councils will save the weeks of time, resources and energy required to release a tender, identify suitable candidates and make a final decision on the right solution for its business.

Tenders are also time-consuming and resource-intensive for SurePact. Panel listings allow SurePact to skip the qualification period, enabling the team to redirect its focus to SurePact’s customer-first model and product enhancements. 

“We are pleased to be further solidifying the trust in our brand and product for our current and future clients,” Avard says. 

“Being accredited with a Government panel and with Local Buy provides evidence of due diligence and credibility, putting clients’ minds at ease.

“While still in the early stages of this milestone accomplishment, our team is already beginning to have conversations with potential customers everyday about the benefits of these achievements and how SurePact will assist within their businesses.”

Opportunities through Local Buy:

  • Software and Licensing 
  • Business Systems
  • Consultancy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Management (Civil Infrastructure)

Opportunities through NSW ICT Panel:

  • Low risk contracts valued up to $150,000
  • ICT Services (in accordance with the ICT Services Scheme Rules)

For more information about Local Buy Arrangement: ICT Solutions & Services BUS274 for Queensland, Northern Territory and Tasmanian Councils, visit: 

To learn more about Local Buy Arrangement: Project Management (Civil Infrastructure) Services LB279 for Queensland and Tasmania, visit: 

For NSW Government customers, read about SurePact’s status as a NSW ICT Panel Provider here: 

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