SurePact an Ignite Recipient for second year

In its first year, in 2017, SurePact became a successful recipient of the Ignite Ideas Grant Fund program for Round 3, and last month was announced as a successful recipient of Round 4 (2018).

Founder Megan Avard says the solution has seen proven outcomes of helping reduce budget, time and scope blowouts in contract delivery.

“SurePact standardises risk delivery while managing the compounding risk through workflow approvals and gateway processes.”

This Ignite funding has provided SurePact a major support in allowing the company to grow and commercialise the SurePact software product suite faster than originally anticipated.

Megan says it also allowed her to “validate the assumptions through client engagement, establish a client base, support regional and remote communities and strategically position SurePact for national and global growth”.

“The software also provides a key focus in supporting the economic and social benefits in procurement efficiency and contract delivery by enhancing job growth and providing opportunities for reinvestment into program delivery to support community outcomes.”

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