SurePact and CouncilWise partnership on track to save local government millions of dollars in contract overspend

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SurePact and CouncilWise have partnered in an effort to help Local Governments on a national scale potentially saving them millions of dollars through effectively managing contract risk.

SurePact, a National Award-Winning enterprise software, provides a contract risk identification solution along with project and procurement analytics to government and corporate organisations. CouncilWise, a National Management Platform with a range of partners helping Local Government to operate more efficiently.

CouncilWise’s, Chief Digital Officer, Ben Dornier said “SurePact is a strong partner for CouncilWise and has the same business ethics in wanting to support the small to medium Councils achieve efficiencies and stronger capacity”. “SurePact provides a software that strengthens our partner offering in our suite of products that can support all Council essential services,” he said.

WITH more than 25 years’ experience working in infrastructure project and contract management roles, Brisbane’s Megan Avard says she has seen more than her fair share of project cost and time blowouts, so much so she set about finding a solution.

Megan, is the Founder and CEO of SurePact, an enterprise SaaS (software as a solution) which has been designed to enable governments and corporations to identify key project and contract risks at the beginning of a delivery so they can be mitigated against and budgeted for.

“Working in state and local government I was frustrated at seeing millions of dollars in taxpayer funds being squandered,” Megan explained. “All of the software that I was looking at had no capability of identifying the risks or configuring it to suit what you needed.

“I could not find anything that was able to provide something substantial in the contract management realm, which could do the pre-assessment, the pre-procurement identification or the pre-risk identification through to the commissioning stage.

“I just found that existing platforms didn’t have processes in place to work out what the mitigation strategies were going to be or just even the thinking around if ‘I don’t have this, what do I do and who should I alert?’ I could not find anything that didn’t cost businesses a bomb, so I set about rectifying this.

“I knew there had to be a better way to track and assess projects and contracts, while sustaining a healthy compliance in one solution.”

“We needed a way to take a traditional paper-based process and turn it into something that was more collaborative in a cloud based platform to help identify the risks of delivering on time, on budget and in scope,” Megan said.

The result is SurePact, software which allows project and contract managers to simply identify their risks within 30 or 40 minutes, and confidently know whether their exposure was a low, high or very high risk delivery.

“Not only did I want to rectify it, I wanted to take it one step further so from start to finish in delivering a project you can track all the data of the project and its contract spend,” Megan said.

“I wanted to develop a way where you could search on a delivery and pull up all of the risks that were pre identified previously, giving the organization full visibility and transparency.”

By using the SurePact software, clients have identified immediate bottom line improvements ranging up to 22 per cent.

SurePact, which was founded in September last year, was named the 2018 Lendlease B2B Startup of the Year and is the only early stage startup to receive Tier One funding from the QLD Ignite Ideas Grant Fund two years in a row.

The company announced the CouncilWise National Partnership this week at its 12month launch this week in Brisbane. Joining Megan at the launch was the World Trade Symposium Board member and 20 year tech industry veteran, Australian business woman Leanne Kemp, recently announced as the new QLD Chief Entrepreneur for the QLD Government and founder of the world’s largest data centre Cloudscene Bevan Slattery.

Also speaking this week at the SurePact Launch is Sarah Wrigglesworth, Director of Works and Facilities, Palm Island who said, “Through the reports I can pull from SurePact I can identify and highlight key risk analysis, which will help us identify the work we can undertake through our workforce on the island and what we need to outsource due to the required skillset and experience. This allows Councillors to be able to make data-led decisions that benefit the whole community and the funding revenues.”

“At the push of a button, I can view live data and pull a report from across all departments and sub departments to see exactly where projects and contracts are at and where the funding is situated for key projects.”

“This level of transparency will help us curb overspend because we will have visual at all times on milestones of how the projects and contracts are tracking, and be ahead of any potential challenges and mitigate issues before they become potential problems,” she said

The company has already signed on 10 per cent of Queensland’s local government bodies, many in remote parts of the state, to take part in a pilot program of the software.

“Councils are ideal users of this software because they are often managing a large variety of very complex infrastructure projects for their community,” Megan explained. “Overspend on one project can have immediate funding consequences for other and future projects for that council and its ratepayers.

“We believe any solution which allows government and businesses to identify where projects can and will blow out, develop mitigation strategies against them and plan accordingly will be widely embraced.”

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