SurePact and Frontline Technology Services partner to bring SurePact to Western Australia

SurePact has partnered exclusively with Frontline Technology Services, a Western Australian-based information and communications technology (ICT) service provider, to launch SurePact into Western Australia. 

“Over the past few months we have spent a lot of time together understanding the benefits and value we bring to each other and our customers,” Frontline Technology Services Sales Manager Lee Darracott says.

“Given the success and growth Megan and her team have seen in Queensland, we challenge ourselves to do the same now here in Western Australia.”

Frontline team photo

Headquartered in Perth, Frontline Technology Services offers modern, agile ICT services to clients in Perth, regional Western Australia, nationally and internationally.

“As the name suggests, Frontline Technology Services has been built to focus on working closely on the front line, to help our clients to achieve their business outcomes. We believe this is an essential component to providing responsive, proactive and effective services,” Lee says.

“We offer a wealth of local technology and services capabilities, which deliver a compelling value proposition focused on our clients’ achievement of their strategic and business goals. 

“We believe this approach allows Frontline Technology Services to deliver enterprise-class, seamless, high performance services to clients’ and end-users that are flexible, process driven and proactive.”

This strategic partnership is a clear win-win for both companies involved.

“Partnering with SurePact offers our customers and prospects additional capabilities and value adds,” he says.

“Given our successes in local government and other industries, the SurePact software fits really well in the suite of products we offer, without competing with any, as no one is really doing what Megan and her team do.”

When asked about what Frontline Technology Services is looking forward to most in this partnership, Lee says, “Working with Megan and her team is an absolute pleasure. They are a very passionate, professional and ethical organisation.

“I’m excited to see the potential growth of SurePact here in Western Australia and being a part of that.

“We have many customers that could benefit greatly, so all of us here at Frontline Technology Services are looking forward to getting the SurePact software out in front of customers and showcasing all that SurePact can do.”

This is an exciting time for both SurePact and Frontline Technology Services.

“The SurePact team has had great success in Queensland, where we also have a presence. Alongside this, Frontline Technology Services is introducing SurePact to the Western Australia market for the first time,” Lee says.

“It’s one of those products where once a few organisations start using the software and reaping the benefits, then soon we envisage it will be a common place market leader.

“We think there is potential in SurePact to provide more industries with risk and management benefits for projects, contracts and grants providing simultaneous positive outcomes for clients, contractors and suppliers. Although local government is the ‘sweet spot’, our contacts within mining, not-for-profits and education could really see benefits to drive their capital investment projects as well as providing a framework for other unbudgeted items.”

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