SurePact announces Global Gold Partner Status with Microsoft

SurePact has launched Microsoft Azure-powered solution to streamline the grant management life cycle.

Traditionally, even large organisations have relied on spreadsheets for grant management. SurePact’s 360-degree suite manages the grant life cycle from application through to completion of the grant asset. GMS focuses on reducing risk in the administration and work that goes into applying for and fulfilling the requirements of the grant life cycle, all the way to project delivery and acquittal. The solution allows grant recipients and grant funding bodies to work together in one platform to collaborate, communicate, and manage all life-cycle stages with full accessibility and visibility.

SurePact founder and CEO Megan Avard said, “We are excited to be expanding our Microsoft Azure capability, by architecting our foundational solution with the release of our new Grant Management module. Microsoft Power BI provides powerful data analytics capabilities for our SurePact GMS solution. It is the exact type of technological solution that ensures organisations are in the best position to minimise risk, maximise value, and deliver real bottom-line returns.”

SurePact is about positive digital disruption in industries that can benefit from new technologies to support improvement in capacity and capability,” Avard continued. “Our Grant Management Solution supports any sector and its requirements for grant management to provide visibility, transparency, accountability, and cost savings, We are expecting strong demand from LGOs, not-for-profits, and corporate entities.”

With the addition of Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, SurePact’s GMS software enables organisations to drive innovation, improve productivity, and enhance data integrity. Customers have realised significant return on investment through adoption of SurePact software. The company also seeks change and supports economic and social benefits for the community by encouraging bottom-line improvements to enhance job growth and provide reinvestment opportunities into program delivery in support of more-livable cities.

“Companies like SurePact add value by architecting their foundational solutions on Microsoft platforms,” said Jeff Ma, VP, Microsoft for Startups at Microsoft Corp. “The powerful data analytics of Azure-driven solutions like SurePact’s GMS can help organisations minimise risk and maximise value.”

Avard added, “As organisations everywhere adapt to new ways of working, the focus on scope, time, and cost has become an even bigger priority. With construction projects being highly complex in their nature and with extremely tight margins, meeting stakeholders’ needs without scope, cost, and time blowouts is a huge challenge. We apply the power of the Microsoft platform to this challenge, helping our customers seamlessly connect to our solutions to provide real bottom-line ROI returns of 15 to 34 percent.”

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