A sure thing: SurePact announces largest update yet


SurePact is rolling out its largest update yet, with new features, a new look and user-friendly enhancements across the entire platform.

SurePact, the cloud-based SaaS management solution for funding bodies and recipients, is rolling out its largest update yet. Expect new features, a new look and user-friendly enhancements across the entire platform.

SurePact’s powerful software simplifies the way funding is applied for, allocated and administered. 

Since commencing operations in 2018, SurePact has been used by local governments, corporate organisations, not-for-profits and industry bodies to track and monitor grants programs and specific projects. 

In that time, continuous improvement driven by customer feedback has been at the core of SurePact’s success – and SurePact V6 represents the most significant improvement to the company’s software yet. 

A streamlined solution 

Perhaps the most exciting update is SurePact’s new streamlined solution for grantmakers, which makes it possible for them to consolidate all of their funding programs in a single, accessible platform.

Building upon SurePact’s established platform for funding recipients, SurePact CEO Daniel Pritchard says this cutting-edge solution redefines how funding bodies navigate the entire grant lifecycle, from initial fund allocation to comprehensive outcomes reporting. 

“This new feature has been developed in response to feedback from both funding bodies and recipients,” he says. 

“They’ve made it clear that there’s a need for a streamlined system that consolidates the multiple processes and platforms through which funding recipients currently express interest, receive funding and report on the outcomes they achieve with that funding – and that’s what we’ve delivered with SurePact’s latest iteration.”

The new platform’s user-friendly, modern interface provides funding bodies with real-time, instant insights into the outcomes being delivered with the funding they distribute through all of their programs. 

This new feature will be available from December for existing and new SurePact clients. 

A superior SurePact 

As well as making it possible for grantmakers to manage all of their funding programs through a single platform, SurePact V6 also delivers a range of new features, updates and enhancements to provide an enhanced experience for all users.

These improvements make it even more convenient for funding bodies and recipients to access SurePact’s real-time reporting, data-rich dashboards and transparent audit trails.

These include: 

  • An updated homepage, with functional widgets that highlight your most important work as soon as you login to the platform. 
  • Streamlined summary pages that users can filter and sort with ease. 
  • Vertical workflows, enabling users to see the status of their Opportunities, Projects, Contracts and Grants at a glance. 
  • A new analytics search module that makes it easier than ever for users to locate and present key data, enhancing their reporting and communications. 
  • Enhanced data validation to ensure data integrity, including notifications when data that requires verification is detected. 
  • A new digital assistant to guide users through the platform, and make SurePact even more helpful for new and occasional users. 
  • A simplified way to record risk, providing users with an alternative approach to manage risks to their projects, contracts and grants. 
  • An updated Knowledge Base, so users can search faster and more effectively for anything they need help with. 
  • An enhanced authentication process, as SurePact welcomes Azure Activity Directory as our authentication partner. 

All of the new features, updates and enhancements of SurePact V6 will be rolled out in the final months of 2023. To get your first look and see for yourself why everyone at SurePact is so excited about this new release, register for SurePact’s upcoming Product Release Showcase. 


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