SurePact Announces Board of Directors with Helen Coyer as Chair

Following our recent and first successful capital raise with Future Now Capital, SurePact is pleased to announce our Board of Directors.

Helen Coyer will be joining us as Chair alongside Michael Ebeid as we look to scale up our operations, customer base and product development.

Helen brings over 25 year’s business experience to the SurePact Board and has a long standing relationship with SurePact as a company. 

Helen Coyer announcement

“SurePact has achieved remarkable success as a startup tech company under Megan’s leadership. The capital raise from Future Now Capital provides the opportunity for the company to proceed faster through scaling the SurePact team and its product solution in the market,” Helen says.

“Having a team of highly competent individuals focused on the right things at the right time will leverage the base laid down by Megan to expand market share and build out product offering.

“In turn, the SurePact customers will gain an incredible technological tool to enable and sustain their business delivery, competent and consistent customer services and support and expanded product functionality relevant to business needs.”

Helen aims to be a sounding board for CEO Megan Avard, while SurePact navigates new opportunities and challenges.

“As Chair I bring multiple benefits to SurePact and Founder Megan. I will provide an integrous governance oversight to the business supporting its growth and evolution as a scaling organisation, guide and sustain the strategy for SurePact as it faces increased complexity and bring key networks to leverage,” she says.

“As part of SurePact’s Board, I will champion growth, provide an initial hands-on approach, provide guidance and strategy support for Megan, and have the ability to see the bigger picture and forward plan.”

There are a few key reasons that Helen was attracted to SurePact as a growing company. 

“When I met Megan I was inspired by her passion and commitment, but more importantly her nous to spot a gap in the market and go about (boots and all) to develop a solution to fill that gap,” Helen says.

“I was intrigued by the approach and thoroughness of the thinking behind the development and design solution. At first I simply wanted to know more, but pretty quickly recognised that I had a lot to offer to Megan and opted to join the Advisory Board.

“I have been with SurePact pretty much since the outset as an Advisory Board member and now as the Chair of the Board. The product is compellingly different, tackling a key business gap through the lens of risk. 

“The greatest draw card has been Megan as the Founder. Her passion, drive and sheer resilience was easy to see from the beginning. Megan has the knack of attracting dedicated and skilled individuals who see the future opportunity of SurePact and readily buy into its future. I know I have.”

Megan says the new board was a significant achievement for SurePact as it shifts into a higher growth phase.

“It is an outstanding accomplishment for SurePact to attract such amazing, high calibre Board members. We are proud of our achievements and incredibly humbled by the sincerity in both Helen and Michael to join our team to provide guidance in helping to build SurePact.

“Helen is an outstanding addition to our Board as Chair. Helen has been involved with SurePact as a member of the Advisory Board for the past two years and I am excited about the level of expertise that Helen brings to drive and support leading SurePact forward. We are honoured to have Helen join the Board and bring her energy and guidance to continue to support our growth plans.”

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