Customer-focused: How SurePact is developed with Councils, for Councils

SurePact is incorporating valuable customer feedback from Councils to make its solution even more helpful for local governments and their constituents. 

The SurePact solution is becoming increasingly popular with Council clients, as the software gives them the ability to manage contractors, see potential risks, cost-savings in real time and deliver projects on time and on budget with full transparency. 

Customer insights are a valuable source of information that allow companies to better understand clients and their needs. At SurePact, feedback from our local government clients helps to guide business decisions and ensure the solution is evolving alongside the ever-changing needs and expectations of those who use it. 

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Palm Island Aboriginal Shire Council

On average, SurePact releases new features every five weeks, with each release containing features that have been developed with customer feedback in mind. 

Communication lines are always open between the SurePact team and customers. To engage with customers directly, workshops are conducted with SurePact’s Super User Advisory Group, and customers can also raise ideas and enhancement requests directly through the SurePact Support Team. 

Cameron Bond, Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council’s Former Economic and Community Development Officer and attendee of a recent SurePact workshop, says it is “a positive and welcoming engagement with an external supplier who is all about us as the client.

“Attendees were able to raise issues with the SurePact team during the roadshow, and all items were addressed quickly, with improvements and solution ideas being developed in a very timely manner.”

As a result, SurePact has a rich backlog of feature requests, which are regularly reviewed to ensure each release delivers a better experience for customers and an improved overall solution. 

SurePact has developed ‘The SurePact Strategic Product Roadmap’ to continue meeting important Council and Government goals. This includes the addition of the upcoming Grant Management Platform for State Government funding bodies and advances in the Project Management portfolio. 

The team prides itself on having close partnerships with customers to ensure their vision for SurePact aligns with our own. 

By being part of this two-way communication, customers are rewarded with responsiveness and practical changes to the offering SurePact provides them. 

“We are very happy, and we do find that Megan and her team are very responsive,” Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council’s Economic and Community Development Manager, Sean Nicholson says. “They actively seek improvements and are willing to discuss them, look at them, see if it matches other people’s requirements and if it does, they do it. It all happens in six weeks and you won’t find any other software that does that.

“The team at SurePact are very willing to listen to what our problems are and create solutions that work for our company in a fast manner.”

The SurePact team gets the benefit of Council knowledge and experience, while building a best practice solution that helps Councils solve their problems in an optimal way. 

Each new feature has a direct benefit to customers as soon as they are released, and all new design features are created to meet a range of customer needs and internal workflows. 

Most recently, the SurePact 4.6 release on 25 September contained these highlights to assist customers with more effective risk management, contract delivery and contractor management: 

  • Updated our unique risk algorithm to capture additional work health & safety activities and remediations
  • Contract Delivery improvements to capture internal delivery activities that are not always incorporated into overall contract costs. This will further enhance the accuracy of Council’s contract delivery cost tracking and reporting
  • Improvements to Contractor Management capabilities, allowing Councils to better manage third party risk

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