SurePact founder Megan Avard receives Boosting Female Founders Grant

SurePact Founder and CEO, Megan Avard has been announced as a recipient of the Boosting Female Founders Initiative, 2020.

Megan said, “This is a wonderful achievement for Team SurePact and our clients. We are focused on working with our clients, bringing them together, further supporting knowledge sharing and collaboration. SurePact brings opportunity for communities to be healthier, happier and more in control of their community outputs, infrastructure deliveries and supporting organisations to reduce risk and improve bottom-line savings.”

The full Minister’s announcement is available here. Over 2,200 expressions of interest were received in Round 1. A total of $12 million in grant funding was available for this round of the Boosting Female Founders Initiative and provided 51 female-founded startup businesses with funding to scale into domestic & global markets.

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