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Managing risk is a huge issue across many organisations. Councils in Australia are unable to identify where their spend has gone and we have large organisations nationally and globally unable to track their compounding risk.  In particular, our remote and regional Councils need help in this area. SurePact Risk management Software is solving these problems for many Queensland Councils.

Alf Lacey, Mayor of Palm Island ASC said, “SurePact is a technology that is helping us better manage the public affairs of the community.”


SurePact Founder and CEO, Megan Avard, had the privilege of meeting Mayor Alf Lacey on Palm Island recently and visiting the infrastructure sites that SurePact’s solution is supporting.

Since deploying SurePact Project Management Software to the Council in late 2018, Palm Island is now delivering over 60 projects and contracts in major infrastructure, water and wastewater, maintenance and minor works.

Mayor Lacey said, “The big build in our community means that everything comes over from the mainland.  As we see technology grow and an evolving world, we as a remote community need to provide our people with as much as we can to upskill our people. We are more isolated and it is important to be forward thinking too, to help avoid the challenges we face. Technology is changing and as a Council and community we need to learn how do we better the next generation and how do we do this.”

He said, “Because of the nature of our location, who we are and our community, as Council representatives we are in the midst of the community every day and are in tune with our people more than main stream and mainland Councils. For this reason alone we need to know what is happening in our community and with our deliveries.

I am very impressed with SurePact – Risk Management Software. Megan has been listening to assist our Council to help find better ways and better solutions in terms of managing bureaucracy, our own self-governance and meeting the infrastructure requirements.”

Ms Avard said, “SurePact is an enterprise SaaS solution that helps customers identify and mitigate contract risks to achieve predictable outcomes to provide immediate savings, procurement efficiencies and best practice in contract delivery. Additional features include the auto-population of required compliance documents in project, contract, WH & S and procurement showing results of 100% document compliance and has seen 20% time efficiencies being realized on the ground.”

Mayor Lacey commented, “SurePact is improving Council systems around policy, procedures, auditing and it is a ‘breath of fresh air’ in terms of tracking the business that Council does and decisions we make for a best practice model and a better way forward for our people. SurePact gives us a way of doing this right for our community and being able to report back.”

“This software is what all Councils need,” he said.

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