SurePact improves WH&S compliance delivery in the workplace

Clients in Australia are seeing positive outcomes using SurePact’s Contract Risk identification and mitigation solution with strong outcomes in the WH&S area.

SurePact – project management software is a risk identification and mitigation solution for the delivery of simple and complex contracts providing improved project and procurement outcomes. SurePact risk management software provides a strong emphasis on visibility, transparency, accountability and it delivers compliance assurances by automating the completion of WH&S management plans.

“Our project Management Software helps support the recommendations for regulatory compliance that the QLD Government’s 5-year strategic plan compiled by the Queensland’s Work Health and Safety Board in 2018. The Board is the peak advisory Board to the government on work health and safety issues to make the state safer and support staff who are time and Councils who are resource poor,” SurePact’s CEO, Megan Avard said.

The Board, made up of representatives from employer associations, trade unions and academia, was charged with developing a five-year plan in response to the recommendations of the Best Practice Review into Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, she said.

Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace commented in a previous Mining Safe to Work article: “The plan reflects fresh and contemporary thinking, with close consideration to current and emerging global trends and their impact on work health and safety across government, industry, workplaces and community.”

“The Board has identified four main areas to focus on over the next five years.” Grace said that 90 per cent of the recommendations were fully implemented or well advanced.

Megan also said that Minister Grace reported there was an emphasis on embracing innovation and technology, designing healthy and safe work, fostering a culture of health and safety, and regulating effectively. All of which are part of SurePact’s operational and social deliverables.

One client recently stating, “SurePact’s software is Council’s first line of defence”

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