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Meet our Newest Senior Developer, Aleksander Milashenko.

Even having experience in recruitment does not prepare you as a Founder and CEO to be able to find the right people easily.  Before I started looking for our very first employees to join the team at SurePact, I needed to know where to look.  And, let me tell you, this was not easy.

Apparently, hiring the very first employees to an early stage tech startup is one of those things (out of many) that you picture in your head so much differently before you actually become a founder of your own startup.

I was hoping it would be like building my fantasy NBA team, unfortunately, building a dream team with accomplished superstars is way more complicated than I could have ever imagined. One can argue that the quality of the team will predetermine a company’s likelihood to succeed. After all, the people are the most crucial asset in a young startup — no doubt about it. The only problem is where in the world do we find these people?

THE FACTS: The struggle is real. All the different startups are competing over the same human resource and in fact the only thing that’s harder than finding top talent employees, is finding top talent employees that are interested in working in your startup. Working at an early stage startup as uncertainty hovers like a cloud above your head is not a good fit for everyone. Most people would pick stability over uncertainty ten times out of ten, which by the way does not mean they are less talented in any way. But when you add this filter to your perfect contenders, you’re actually slashing the list of potential candidates dramatically.

I am proud of our team!

SurePact is growing and we are hiring and to me the human element of our company and our culture are crucial to our success going forward.

One such person who has made a significant difference to our team, our culture and our outputs is Aleksandr.  Aleks joined the team in January this year as a Senior Developer and we could not be more happy.  Through the support of Agilitis, their CEO Vladimir and team found us the right person who has an amazing pedigree of skills and who was willing to be on the startup journey.

We may not be a google….YET….but what we lack in size we offer in opportunity.

Thank you Aleks for giving us a go and we are looking forward to your future growing in SurePact!

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