SurePact launches into Victoria with Moira Shire Council

SurePact continues to expand its reach across Australia and strengthen its impact nationally with the announcement of expansion into Victoria with Moira Shire Council. 

Moira Shire Council is a Local Government Area in the Northern Victoria Region, three hours’ drive north of Melbourne. The Shire is bounded by the Murray, Ovens and Goulburn Rivers and Lake Mulwala and is blessed with copious amounts of sunshine during all seasons, which is why it’s affectionately known as ‘Sun Country on the Murray’.  

Moira Shire Yarrawonga

While its reputation for outstanding recreational facilities is well-established, and the region is known as a water-sport destination, Moira Shire’s agriculture and ecotourism opportunities are yet to be fully realised.

As a Council that is all too familiar with the hassle of having to log into multiple systems to view and export data into spreadsheets, it was SurePact’s potential as a single point of truth solution for Portfolio and Project Management that appealed to Moira Shire Council CEO, Clare Keenan.

“When I came into this role it was clear that the business practices currently in place needed to be streamlined and better managed for greater efficiencies and community outcomes,” she says. “We were lacking an integrated system that kept everything in one place.

“Having worked with the SurePact solution in my previous position at Burke Shire Council, I have seen first-hand its value to an organisation and chose to introduce SurePact within Moira Shire Council.”

SurePact’s integrated offering works in conjunction with existing systems, ensuring synchronised data and collective business intelligence.

“The ability to interface with multiple systems, pulling data out of one and pushing data into another automatically, without the need to duplicate processes and transactions will be a huge benefit to the Council,” Keenan says.“I am really looking forward to logging onto SurePact and finding everything I need in the one location. 

“As we roll the solution out within our business, I expect to see less user frustration and workings, less process duplication and less time and energy spent in data extraction and reporting. The Council and Shire look to benefit from the improved project management, risk control and communications that SurePact will provide.”

SurePact Founder and CEO Megan Avard says she is very excited  to welcome Moira Shire Council as SurePact’s founding Victorian client. 

“We are thrilled to be working with Keenan and the Moira Shire Council staff,” she says. “Expanding into Victoria is another incredible opportunity for SurePact that we look forward to utilising and expanding on in the future.”

SurePact will be working closely with Keenan and the Moira Shire Council team to put them in the best position to take advantage of SurePact’s Portfolio Solution. 

“We are really looking forward to working with the SurePact team over the coming weeks and months in order to have the system up and running in readiness for the 22/23 financial year,” Keenan says.

“We are also eager to work with and get to know other SurePact Super Users, as we continue to utilise SurePact within our business to deliver the end results we are seeking.

“The journey over the past few months has been a very exciting one, and meeting with Megan Avard and her delightful team has all of our staff excited for what the future holds. We are looking forward to welcoming both Megan and Monica Chand, SurePact’s Head of Product, to our beautiful location on the mighty Murray River soon. 

“I am sure they will deliver an outstanding product, together with a relationship that will grow from strength-to-strength.”