SurePact launches partnership trial with Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport

As part of SurePact’s Boosting Female Founders Grant win, we have launched a partnership trial with the Department of Innovation.

This partnership will ultimately showcase SurePact as a Queensland startup that is growing rapidly and has potential to have a global impact, while creating high value jobs.

“The pilot project with SurePact is a great opportunity for the department to work alongside one of our high growth potential startups to test, refine and enhance its project management platform within a real world and high profile environment,” says Lowana Moxham, Senior Project Officer for Innovation for Regional and Business Growth at the Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport. 

Lowana DTIS

“The project we are currently running using the SurePact program, while it is a true working project, it is also being run as a demonstration piece that actually showcases the mechanics and capabilities of the software.”

By integrating SurePact into its systems, it is enabling the Department of Innovation to translate existing manual processes into a dynamic real-time database capturing an entire suite of activities under a single set of performance reporting and tracking. 

“This allows us to gain greater insight regarding breadth and depth of impacts being achieved as well as enhancing the risk profiling and management of activities across an entire initiative,” Lowana says.

“We have previously not had this level of visibility of such a complex system to inform decision making and identifying potential problems or opportunities as they emerge.

“Accountability wise, the aim is that we develop a multi-user project management and reporting system that can quickly and easily provide up-to-date project and accountability information to stakeholders and decision makers. 

“The efficiencies and productivity improvements gained from this system will enable a greater focus on delivering value and impact across multiple projects running simultaneously.”

Lowana recognises the role of the Boosting Female Founders Grant in the Queensland startup space, saying, “The level of activity of female entrepreneurs in the Queensland startup and small business landscape is growing at a significant pace.”

“There is still a lot to do, however the impact is being felt and targeted funding and capability support for our female founders and entrepreneurs is important for ensuring we maximise the number of inspirational women involved in Queensland’s innovation ecosystem.

“Innovation is all about collaboration and partnerships and collaborative efforts, like this one with SurePact, are the cornerstone of the Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland initiative.”

SurePact Founder and CEO Megan Avard says “The opportunity to work with the Innovation for Regional and Business Growth team is reinforcing key strategic opportunities for SurePact and boldly positioning the QLD State Government to support amazing technologies on their doorstep.  

“We are working together with an emphasis on improving collaboration, data and analytics capabilities in a trial to achieve business model transformation. This trial will optimise regions working together to take full advantage of SurePact’s technology with a focus on improving transparency, flexibility and regional engagement.”

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