SurePact launches its Portfolio Delivery Module

SurePact has released its highly anticipated Portfolio Delivery Module to market, providing  clients with effective governance and risk management at a strategic level, resulting in portfolio delivery excellence.  

This move continues to strengthen SurePact’s growth into managing an organisation’s entire portfolio of strategic projects. The Portfolio Delivery module reinforces the existing SurePact offering by instilling confidence and bringing essential discipline to the practice of Portfolio Delivery.

“We are excited to be expanding our capability with the release of our new Portfolio Delivery Module,” SurePact Founder and CEO Megan Avard says. “This Module analyses and treats risk from the top-down, and provides executives with a single, transparent and interactive source of truth for Portfolio Delivery that they can have complete confidence in.”

Suitable for all portfolio and project types, this Module provides executives with an at-a-glance view of single and multi-year Portfolio Deliveries. 

“We’ve developed one integrated platform to meet all Portfolio Delivery needs from high-level portfolios to the low-level projects, contracts, grants, contractors and assets that support them,” SurePact Head of Product Monica Chand says. “The incorporated Document Management and audit capabilities provide an additional layer of robust governance across the delivery lifecycle.”

By utilising this Module, SurePact clients can:

  • Analyse and treat risks from the top-down
  • Control scope blowout with a robust and flexible approval process by comparing budgeted spend against actual costs in real time, including use of contingency, maintenance, provisional allocations and variations
  • Leverage aggregated, risk-centric Portfolio analytics and Gantt charts with drill-through to Project and Contract information 
  • Enjoy confidence in a single, transparent and interactive source of truth for Portfolio Delivery
  • Experience minimal time-to-value and high return on investment

The Portfolio Delivery Module’s intuitive user interface and out-of-the-box features facilitate quick uptake and easy collaboration with minimal training, ensuring customers can derive value from the solution immediately. 

The pre-configured risk profiles and scoring frameworks provide intelligent risk management, views and analytics. These features are beneficial for Executives and Portfolio, Program and Project Managers to streamline and create efficiencies through best practice workflows and templates for content and reports.

The SurePact team is continuing to improve and add new features to this module and welcome your feedback. Get started with SurePact’s Portfolio Delivery Module by contacting us here

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