Microsoft’s Global Assisted Growth team sets its sights on pushing SurePact worldwide

From the Microsoft Global Startup Program to the Microsoft Global Scaleup Program and now to the Global Assisted Growth team. In just three years SurePact sees continued success with its Microsoft partnership, a huge win for Queensland startups. 

This most recent announcement gives SurePact the exclusive opportunity to work with additional Microsoft resources that will help to nurture the SurePact solution and expand its enablement and execution of the Microsoft Co-sell pipeline and wins.

“We have been on this journey with Microsoft for the whole three years we have been in business and we continue to move from strength to strength,” Founder and CEO Megan Avard says.

“Within Microsoft, you graduate from one milestone position to the next and we could not be happier with our latest milestone achievement being gained in less than six months.

“Each step up the ladder gives us greater access to and allocation of Microsoft benefits including support from and additional access to the Microsoft ecosystem. This continues to enable the further growth of SurePact.”

When awarding this progression Microsoft recognised the significant successes that SurePact has had in the Microsoft program so far. SurePact’s Success Manager from the Microsoft Startup Success Management Team acknowledged the privilege it had been to work with Megan and the SurePact team, highlighting SurePact gaining co-sell ready status and beginning to co-sell with Microsoft.

As part of the Global Assisted Growth team, SurePact has gained three Microsoft benefits galleries.

“We now have access to three benefits galleries, all of which we hold gold status (the highest status you can have as a Microsoft partner). This gives us relationships with the Microsoft development team, the global marketing team and assistance with accelerating us in different areas of technology,” Megan says.

“We are now regularly invited to Microsoft forums, where we can learn about things such as, new optimisation, deployment and security methods.

“SurePact also now has the ability to utilise a range of Enterprise Channel Managers whose role is to support scale and business growth. Additionally, I can request time with executives who provide guidance and support as we grow with Microsoft.

The Global Growth Assist team will predominantly be working with the SurePact sales team, but will also lend its expertise to the development team.

“In particular, the sales team is supported by the Global Growth Assist team. This partnership generates different sector introductions and then takes us forward into those introductory meetings,” Megan says.

“From a development perspective, Microsoft will work with the development team whenever we need advice, expertise, access or technical growth. On the corporate side I also deal with executives at Microsoft so that we can continue to increase our profile in the Microsoft ecosystem.”

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