On the road: SurePact’s quarterly roadshow in Far North Queensland celebrates connection and collaboration

Last month saw the SurePact team once again hit the road, visiting clients in Far North Queensland for its first roadshow of 2021.

From 17-19 March, we set up for three days of collaboration, connection and learning, with the first day held in the Yarrabah Community Hall before moving to Cairns.

“The main purpose of the roadshow is to show our clients and potential clients the SurePact solution and its capabilities, as well as for clients to connect and collaborate,” SurePact Project Manager Sarah Wrigglesworth says.

“SurePact releases enhancements every three weeks in conjunction with feedback from all of our clients, and the roadshow is an opportunity to demonstrate what these enhancements are and showcase the full capabilities to our clients.

“The other purpose is to connect our SurePact clients, so they can help each other with their learnings on how they manage their projects, contracts, grants and associated risks in their environments.

“Companies use the SurePact solution in different ways. The roadshows give our clients and potential clients the opportunity to think outside the box and look into different ways they can use the solution across a variety of programs, internal deliveries and events.

“The main focus has been on construction, but now that we have not-for-profit organisations using SurePact, it is great to demonstrate the different applications to Councils and corporate clients.”

As well as the latest enhancements to the software, the roadshow is also an opportunity to present many client case studies. CIAF, CurryPM and Aurukun Shire Council were showcased as part of the roadshow and representatives from these organisations spent time presenting to the wider group of attendees during the roadshow. 

“Having time with each of our clients,” Sarah says, “and being able to talk to them and get an understanding of how SurePact helps their businesses, and what other features would be of benefit to them, allows SurePact to develop as a fit-for-purpose software.”

SurePact user Cameron Bond, Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council’s Economic and Community Development Officer, says he appreciated the chance to connect with the SurePact team.

“It was great to get face-to-face with Megan and the roadshow team,” Cameron says. “It really put that personal aspect to it… and by hearing the positive feedback from other users at the roadshow, it also reinforced that using SurePact is the way to go.”

Cameron particularly enjoyed connecting with Aurukun Shire Council and hearing how important the SurePact solution is to their Council for delivery and compliance.

“Being able to connect and network with Aurukun Shire Council, who have a similar program and a very similar style of Council to Cherbourg, was incredibly beneficial as we were able to see how they are doing business,” he says.

“Aurukun Shire Council has been using SurePact for 18 months, compared to Cherbourg who have been integrating SurePact into its processes for just six months. I was able to gain confidence and reassurance that we are heading in the right direction.

“Megan and Sarah do a wonderful job of their presentations, but by bringing other users into the conversation it brought up discussion points that may not have been raised through the group activities. A positive and welcoming engagement with an external supplier who are about us as the client.

“Attendees were able to raise issues with the SurePact team during the roadshow. All items were addressed quickly with improvements and solution ideas being developed in a very timely manner.”

For more information on our next roadshow please contact Megan Avard, Founder and CEO, on 0414 492 882.