Award-winning SaaS company SurePact celebrates its fourth year in business

This month SurePact celebrated its fourth birthday, a huge milestone for the Brisbane startup-turned-scaleup SaaS technology company.

Since its inception in 2017, SurePact has filled a gap in the market recognised by Founder and CEO Megan Avard, by providing a unique 360 degree suite of risk identification and management modules for the delivery of projects, contracts and grants from concept through to asset realisation. 

Having worked in the infrastructure division of Brisbane City Council for a decade, Megan had unique insights into the pain points of Councils and set out to develop a solution. 

Megan smiling to camera

In the early stages of the company, Megan was told in no uncertain terms that she would not succeed unless she found a male co-founder with tech experience. 

Four years on and sole founder Megan and SurePact have gone on to a string of highly recognised achievements, with many exciting things in the pipeline, including the Grant Management Platform set to commercialise in September 2022. 

Taking a look at the journey so far, there is a lot for the SurePact team to be proud of. 

The list of achievements include:

While certainly an impressive list, it is the daily operations behind closed doors that see SurePact move from strength-to-strength.

In this time, SurePact has grown from zero to 20 staff members and from one to five modules, with more to come. Its client base has flourished and has grown across a range of industries including Local Government, State Government, not-for-profit and project consultancy firms. 

With a focus on exceeding customer expectations, SurePact is building, maintaining and renewing a loyal and happy customer base.

The results customers are achieving speak for themselves. Organisations using the SurePact product have seen 45% bottom line improvement, 100% document compliance, 100% closeout reporting compliance, 30% time efficiency savings, 25% variation reduction and 80% contingency improvement. 

Along the way, SurePact has partnered with a range of amazing initiatives and companies. Highlights include launching into Western Australia with Frontline Technology Services, establishing a partnership trial with the Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport, assisting CurryPM in delivering part of the largest federally funded infrastructure network in Australia, and launching into the not-for-profit sector with the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair

Another standout for SurePact has been its relationship with Microsoft. Working closely alongside the tech giant since the beginning, SurePact has risen through the ranks, from being accepted into the Microsoft Global Startup Program to now holding Microsoft Gold Partner status and being selected for the Microsoft Global Assisted Growth team. SurePact is also ISV Co-Sell Ready, which includes becoming the first Asia Pacific Microsoft ISV partner to launch on Microsoft’s Commercial Marketplace. 

In 2021, SurePact received $2M in investment from Future Now Capital. This has allowed for the appointment of Michael Ebeid and Helen Coyer to the Advisory Fiduciary Board, a move that will work to propel SurePact forward under the guidance and recommendations of an incredibly knowledgeable Board

With so much already accomplished and so much more on the way, SurePact is in a great position to keep moving forward with purpose.

“If you’d told me in 2017 that I would be the Founder and CEO of a tech company with 20 staff, partnered with an amazing investor and an incredible client base in four years’ time, I would not have believed you,” Megan says. “Yet here we are, on track and smashing goals. 

“Every step of the SurePact journey has been exciting, and I continue to learn and grow with the support of my incredible team, our Board and our clients as we move forward together into our fifth year.”

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