SurePact VR Pilot Program a State Award Winner for Burke Shire Council

SurePact’s Virtual Reality partnership with Next World Enterprises (NWE) to pilot VR training in WH&S to reduce risk has proven to be a real winner.

Burke Shire Council was awarded the 2020 Butch Lenton Bush Council innovation award at LGAQ’s state conference on the Gold Coast.

Burke Shire Council VR

SurePact Founder and CEO, Megan Avard recognised the need to support remote and regional Councils to reduce cost while reducing risk and provide them with innovative solutions.

Megan and NWE’s Founder and CEO, Michael O’Reilly, set about launching a partnership and pilot program together. On March 30, COVID19 shutdown, SurePact launched its newest module, the Grant Management System (GMS) as well as the new VR pilot for WH&S training to three regional Councils, including Burke Shire Council.

SurePact’s GMS was designed in conjunction with 10% of Queensland’s Local Councils adding strength to SurePact’s unique suite of modules which provide a 360-degree capability in delivering projects, contracts and grant management through to asset realisation.

Read more in the North Queensland Register about Burke Shire Council embracing technology with an open mind and willingness to learn and being “ahead-of-the-game” as early adopters.